baby boy arrived 5 weeks early!

Annette - posted on 10/14/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My lilttle man made his arrival in our car trying to get to the hospital. I was cramping the night before thinking nothing of it since i had been in pre term labor for weeks. Thought it was just a normal issue i have at night. Well around 730 am Wed morning i started bleeding and my husband just got off work. So i said hospital it is. Not even 15 min later my contractions where to the point i had to push already. I told him to pick up the pace and he said he's going fast as i can. Well I told him to call 911 and he said we will make it. We got to 2 lights up from the house and the babies head was out already. I told him to call 911 NOW! He finally did and my little man was born 2 min before the ambulance came haha. My husband had to use his shoe string to tie off the cord and cover him up as fast as we could. it was 47 outside and my poor baby was steaming. 10 police cars came,and a ambulance and fire truck. Blocked off an intersection and road to get me to the hospital before my son's body temp dipped lower. We are both home now and doing better! I had to stay an extra day due to high fever and putting clots out the size of soft balls.Baby boy give me a good amount of stitches and lots of love! Now i tell you I will never forget this birth LOL.


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Ashley - posted on 10/15/2012




Congratulations!! Glad you both made it through the crazy delivery and were both able to come home!!

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