baby measuring 3 weeks bigger

Lauren - posted on 11/16/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




im a little worried as my baby is measuring 3 weeks bigger then he should be, my mum and two of my sister had diabetes while they we pregnant but is doesnt show up on gtt and ive had one of those done and it came back normal but i am still worried hes going to get to big and im going to have a hard time in labour, any suggestions on how to get my midwife to listen to me when i say it will not show up on the tests?


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Jaime - posted on 11/22/2010




measuring three weeks bigger is actually normal my last son Noah measured three weeks bigger at his last ultra sound before he was born. I was having ultra sounds done once a month once i got to the end, concerned like you i just asked my doctor and you know what he said it is normal. Dont worry over the little things just enjoy being pregnant it will be over before you know it...

Dora - posted on 11/22/2010




If your midwife is not lsitening to you then you should definitely consider going for a 2nd opinion. Your midwife/doctor should always listen to their patients concerns. If your baby is measuring 3wks bigger there is a good chance you could have diabetes or your due date could be completely wrong. It may also be just the way your baby is growing.

Casey - posted on 11/20/2010




I'd maybe request another gtt or get a second opinion, my son measured in heaps bigger then he was supposed to and the one I am having now has already started to do the same thing now, the doctors were convinced I would have gestational diabetes cause I have pcos and diabetes run in the family but I never had them I just have big babies.
I ended up having my son at 37 weeks and he was 8lb 10oz, but don't stress about the size of the baby so long as it's healthy thats all that matters and it doesn't matter how big they are they all hurt.

Emilie - posted on 11/20/2010




the baby im currently pregnant with is measuring a week or 2 ahead in measurements, my first daughter did aswell, she was born 4 weeks early and only 6lbs, had she of been 40weeks she would have been 7lbs 12oz, wouldnt stress 2 much about it. Seek 2nd opinion if you are very concerned about your health.

Bridget - posted on 11/19/2010




I would check with a doctor to see if you do have diabetes. But if you dont then I wouldnt worry too much about the size. My daughter was measuring at an estimated 9lbs at 39 weeks, which was especially scary since I had a 2 vessel cord and was supposed to have her at 38 weeks so she wouldnt be so big she would crush her cord during labor. Anyway, my doctor wouldnt induce until after 40 weeks, so at 40 weeks and 2 days I was induced. My daughter was born at 7lbs 1 oz.

Debs - posted on 11/18/2010




I normally test for diabetes at 28 weeks however if any of my clients continue to measure large for dates I retest further into the pregnancy. Do you use urine testing sticks at each antenatal visit? check the glucose it mightshow traces of glucose if this is so insist on another diabetes test.

Michelle - posted on 11/17/2010




my son ended up measuring 4-5 weeks large...thing is; they had my due date wrong by a month. Is this possible for you? He was due Jan 9 and because he decided not to turn we ended up taking him on Dec 15. He was born at 7lbs 13 oz and 21 inches long. Don't worry too much but if you are worried then by all means mother knows her body best. Live by this. You are mom; not patient; mom. Good luck

Samantha - posted on 11/17/2010




my baby is 2weeks bigger than she should b but that doesnt mean they gna come out any bigger by son was 1weeks ahead and he was 6days late and only weighed 7lbs 6oz

Nicole - posted on 11/17/2010




i agree wtih Aicha, if you're really worried, seek a second opinion. However, it may just be that baby was sitting in an awkward position at the last measurement... i know with my first I consistently measured weeks ahead (1-3 usually) and the doctor even went so far as to move my due date up by 2 weeks.... and then i ended up going late! my original due date was the 12th of Feb (09) and they moved it to Jan 27 ... i had my daughter on Feb 15! she was 7lb 11oz, 20.5 inches. not a really big baby, just measured big the whole pregnancy.

i hope that whatever the results, you have a happy and healthy end of your pregnancy.

Aicha - posted on 11/17/2010




If your really worried then see a doctor for a second option , midwives are great but they do not have the same training or test doctors have available

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