back-to-back pregnancy questions

Nana - posted on 02/25/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




how does getting pregnant soon after giving birth affect your body.

how does your body change when you are pregnant again two months after giving birth

how easy is it to loose weight after back-to-back pregnancies.


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Jennifer - posted on 03/19/2013




I have two little girls that are 11 months apart. My first pregnancy was smooth and the baby and I were Very healthy, I gained 65 pounds :) During my second pregnancy tho I wasn't so lucky. I gained about 13 pounds and I had alot of complications. The doctors told me that I didn't have enough nutriance in my body, that the first pregnancy drained me basically and my body didn't provide or get to build it back up.
Afterwards tho, I did loose all my weight (although I didn't gain much)
But it did have a negative effect of me and my baby girl.
Just make sure you doctor is watching you and baby very closely to make sure everything is going along smoothly.
Good Luck and I hope everything turns out exceptionally! :)

Kaitlin - posted on 02/25/2012




Hi there, my first two boys are 12 months apart. It depends on your body, the size of your babies, your health and fitness pre, during and post pregnancy. If you are eating really healthful and doing mild exercises now, you should be fine! I was much more achy the second time around, and this time too (I'll now have 3 under 3) but I stay fairly active and eat very well (with the occasional ice cream of course, for the calcium, lol).

If you are currently breastfeeding your milk may decrease or even stop, but it might not, Your milk may also change in taste so your baby may reject it, but again, maybe not.

Give yourself the same amount of time post pregnancy to get into shape (9months on, 9 months off) and a little extra leeway for dealing with two babies. Don't expect to put your pre pregnancy pants on for several months, even a year- your body changes shape more than just your uterus and muscles- your hip bones actually widen and your rib cage does too. Do lots of stretching, playing on the floor with your kiddos, and running around with them outside (or in a stroller) and enjoy! You're a super mom!

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