Barley can see control line on preg test but da test line is Dark pink.Is it faulty test?

Mary - posted on 08/24/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




I did a pregnancy test today FIRST RESPONCE brand. It took about 2.8mins for the result to come through and the control line is awful faint hardly noticable but the test line is a dark pink. Could the test be faulty because the control line is so faint? I just want to know if it is normal for a control line to be faint while the test line is dark?

Its will be mine and my partners first pregnancy , so I don't want to get to excited if the test is faulty.

I did two others before it and the test line was faint and the control line was dark. the tests came from the same package brought at woolworths and they all looked different throughout the day when i did the tests?

please help,


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Jennie - posted on 09/03/2012




If there is a control, even if it is feint then u r pregnant! The line will not appear if there is no hcg (i think this is the correct hormone) detected! I had a test with a line so feint i thought perhaps it was my eyes willing it to b there but i was pregnant just very early on when there is only a small amount of the hcg hormone. Good luck. :0)

Mary - posted on 08/26/2012




Hi ladys thank you for your responses.

They have helped thanks.

The test was a definate dark positive line but the control was faint,

I did another one yesterday and same thing happened but the control was a bit darker.

I only just moved here to QLD and I dont have a medi care card so it be abit more then I can afford to go to the doctors atm but I will when my medi care card is sorted.


Kim - posted on 08/26/2012




Maybe you are very early in your pregnancy and that's why it could not be so clear. You should go to your doctor or to a Planned Parenthood if you have one near you and they should be able to tell you. Congrats if you are pregnant! :)

Sara - posted on 08/24/2012




When I first suspected that I was pregnant I took a couple tests from First Response and everytime the result was very confusing and faint. To me the tests didn't look positive or negative, so I thought they were faulty and got a new brand of test. I would suggest going with a Clear Blue test to be sure or go to your doctor, but the Clear Blue straight out reads "pregnant" or "not pregnant." So it's much, much easier to know and get excited about!

Michelle - posted on 08/24/2012




to be sure either get a different brand of test or go see your dr. to confirm.

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