best season to have a baby?

Brianna - posted on 02/23/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




Just for fun im curious to see what people think. If you could choose.. what do you think would be the best time of year (season) to have a baby? and why?


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Jannelle - posted on 03/09/2011




I had my son in July and that was absolute torture. I'm due in April (moved from Connecticut to Texas last year) and its just now just getting too hot for pregnancy. I couldn't imagine being pregnant during the summer months anywhere down south. I definately think Spring.

Lady Heather - posted on 03/08/2011




I had my daughter in June and that was okay for the pregnancy, but I didn't really like having a newborn in June. I felt like I missed most of the summer. I had a loooong recovery so by the time I could really get out and about it was already August.

This baby is due in October and I think it will be really good. I'm really tired right now but all I'm missing is the last month of winter so I don't really care. I don't think I'll be unbearably hot this summer (it doesn't get that hot where I live anyways) and then after the baby is born it will be winter again so we can just hibernate for a while and get to know each other.

Cheryl - posted on 03/08/2011




I say Aprilish. That is when I had my twins. The others were born in Nov, Jan, and Oct. By the time you find out youre pregnant it is September and then the holidays are right around the corner and by the time they are done you will be ready to deliver. It goes by quick! Plus neighbors see you in the fall and you dont look pregnant yet and when they see you in the spring you already delivered!

Jennifer - posted on 02/25/2011




Spring! That way you're hot during the cold winter months and have baby just in time to enjoy all the summer things too :)

Erin - posted on 02/25/2011




spring, cuz you dont have to be super big prego when it gets hot. and you can have funner birthday parties when your child gets older.

Amy - posted on 02/25/2011




I've had one spring, one mid winter, one due in the summer. I think they all have good points/bad points.
I liked spring because we got to have lots of outside time really young and it wasn't too cold. During winter though, we put baby in carseat and was all snuggly warm and didn't have to take out of carseat much on quick trips - and they were light enough that it wasn't a burden. This summer, I'm looking forward to it being warm enough that if we need to go somewhere, we can walk. Not too rainy like spring, not stuck in the house like winter. Never had a fall baby though. lol. maybe next time!!

Danielle - posted on 02/24/2011




Ummm idk-I live in TX...I was preg during the summer months and had my first early fall (September) I hated being hot all the time but I was able to cool off in the pool
This one is due in March (early Spring) and I was preg during the winter...I didn't like being cold all the time and unlike the summer it wasn't an easy fix...guess it just depends :P

Susan - posted on 02/23/2011




I would say spring because then u dont have to deal with being super far along for any of the summer months. My son was born in feb and it sucked bringing him out in the cold when he was so little. I am expecting my daughter in july and i think its gonna suck being huge for any of the summer since im already sweating at night under the blankets.

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