(bone?) popping in pelvis

Amber - posted on 02/25/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




when i was 33 weeks along, i woke up with an audible, painful popping in my pelvis every time i would take a step. i tried feeling the joint where my hip and femur meet, but it wasn't coming from there. it felt like it was right about where my cervix is...right in the middle of my body. i called the ob and they said to come to the hospital. i ended up being 1cm dilated and 50% effaced so they kept me overnight and gave me the steroids to mature the baby's lungs in case of early delivery. when they discharged me, the told me that i would have to be on bedrest.

they didn't seem to know what the popping was and just said it "could be" my pelvis separating to get ready for the delivery. im 35 weeks now and i'm still having it. it comes and goes and is excruciating! the only thing that really helps is when i wear my belly/back brace. that lifts my belly and takes some of the weight off of my pelvis.

i was just wondering if anyone else has had this and what the doctors said about it?


Carolee - posted on 03/03/2010




I have that. I had it with my son for 3 months, and it started with this pregnancy at about 3 months. My doctor hasn't said anything about it except that I should rest a bit. From the feel of things, though, it's my pelvis joints being so relaxed that they don't really stay in place. I've always had joint problems, though... but this is SO much worse. As long as the baby's okay (which is the most likely situation, since they're so well protected in there and away from any possible harm), it's just going to be an annoying pain until after you give birth.

My hips finally went back and stayed back between 3-6 months after having my son... but that's with having issues beforehand. It's the chemical "relaxin" that your body releases to get ready for birth that do this to all your joints, even though you feel it most in your pelvic region (most likely because of the weight of the baby being right there).

Sissy - posted on 03/03/2010




OHH my I am so glad this came out, and I am going to show this to my hubby! This is my 4th and with the 2nd, 3rd, and now 4th, I have had this problem. IT only gets worse though. I am 21 weeks along in this pregnancy, and I just started feeling it last week. OHH MY, PAINFUL! I KNOW! I have asked everyone about this and no one can relate to me! THANK GOODNESS SOMEONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS!! Yes my dr told me that the belly belt would help, but i have not tried it. They said it was the pressure of the baby on my pelvic bones too. It feels like you are going to break when you walk. I have no advice for you on how to make itr stop, but I have noticed that the pain is not as bad when I sleep with a body pillow between my legs and knees all night. That is about the only advicxe i can give you. HANG IN THERE!

Dani - posted on 07/02/2011




its spd, your describing exactly what i had with my 1st and thats what my doc told me, you have to options wear a band round your tummy to take the pressure and cope or get some crutches, thats all my doc told me. Sorry i cant give you some better help :/


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Sarah - posted on 06/25/2011




I had that when I was pregnant with my middle daughter. I was 7 months pregnant & getting up out of bed & she kicked down in to my pelvis at the exact moment I sat up & it split the cartilage between my pubic bone. It still bothers me, especially when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter & now this pregnancy, it has been bothering me since I was 18 weeks. I am 26 weeks now & the pain is really bad somedays were all I can do is crawl to the bathroom, lie on the couch or stay in bed! 14 more weeks of this? Yikes!

Jodie - posted on 06/25/2011




I have had something similar, not the poping though, mine was pelvic girdle pain and symphisis pubic pain, with my second I was on crutches. HAve you thought of going to see aphysio who specialises in pregnancy, Thats what i have done and it helped alot. Good luck!

Nicole - posted on 06/24/2011




i am 31 weeks pregnant and feeling the popping! i called the ob and they said i could be dialating! i havnt gone in yet but really think im gonna! i will post on what the doctor said!

Alisha - posted on 03/04/2010




I have this same problem and no one I had talked to could give me any advice. I am going to the doc tomorrow to bring it up at my checkup. I am 33 weeks now and I have been under a tremendous amount of stress also so I hope everything will be ok. I can't be put on bed rest I have to find a place to live before my baby girl gets here. It hurts so bad I notice it happening when i try to get out of bed at night to go to the restroom or when I am walking along it will happen. The baby is really low and I have had problems with my lower abdomen hurting but the doc said that was normal. I will let you know what the doc said about the popping though.

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