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So I have been wanting to breastfeed since i found out i was pregnant. Ever since then i have had fears that the baby wont latch on or my body wont produce enough milk do you ladies know any way i can make sure my body produces enough? Also, i have heard that after you deliver the baby it will take 2 to 4 days for the milk to come in so before that the baby is eating the colostrum right? will that really keep the baby full until the milk comes or do you have to feed them formula till the milk comes in??

Just wondering =)


Trish - posted on 02/16/2010




a lil secret, and not many will either admit it or be comfortabe with it, but if your partner likes the idea, allow him to drain you after feeds if your baby hasnt :) As b/feeding is a demand and supply thing, the more you use the more you produce. If you arent comfortable, or your parner doesnt want to you can self express excess to help the supply. In the shower is a great place to do it coz the warm water encourages the flow. Babies do fine on the colostrum and your milk will be in within a day or two.If you are worried at all simply ask the nurse caring for you when you do have your baby :)


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Michelle - posted on 02/20/2010




CONGRATS for caring about your baby enough to give it a wonderful start to life by breastfeeding !
If you live in the U.S. most hospitals have a lactation consultant on hand to come in and talk to you about breastfeeding do's and don't , better ways to get milk to come in , latching on , etc . Also here on circle of Moms there are breastfeeding groups you can join . Most cities will have a [not sure if spelled right ] La lech league . Also if you are on W.I.C. they offer breastfeeding support along with classes you can take [hospitals do too ]
Please keep in mind for thousands of years this was the only way a child got nutrients . It is completely natural and very good for your baby . Most people will say they do not have time to put all there is into breastfeeding , but the reality is ... No bottles to wash [or find spoiled behind the couch ] . No preparing powdered milk in the middle of the night and having to worry about getting it to the right temp . And my favorite ... if you are out and about with the baby you do not need to worry that you packed enough bottles and milk , etc .
Also in an emergency situation the baby's food supply is right there at the perfect temp ready to eat . I remeber a friend freaked out cause there was a power outtage for days and she couldn't heat the milk to temp .
And breastfeeding is a learned thing . Both mom and baby must learn it ! It is the most worth while lesson too !
Good luck !

Megan - posted on 02/19/2010




After i had my son and i got home my mom told me to drink a beer and take a warm(hot) shower and focuse the shower head on ur boobs. My milk didnt come in as soon as i would of liked and the stuff she told me to do did help. My son got his first drink of milk after 6 hours after we arrived home, from 3 days in the hospital. Also if you have a breast pump it helps also while ur baby is sleeping pump on each side for 5 minutes on one side then the other and do this for 20 minutes than wait and hour and do it again. hope this helps


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Colostrum will be enough for the baby until your milk comes in. As far as latching goes that depends greatly on the baby. Some babies catch on real quick, others not so much! It can also depend on the mother. Some women will feel awkward or clumsy the first few days of breast feeding and usually if you're feeling insecure or scared baby can sense that and may not nurse as well as he/she would with a mom who felt more confident and comfortable. But it's a learning process for all parties evolved, and practice makes perfect!
I would think the best way to make sure your milk comes in and that you produce enough is to live a healthy style. Eat healthy, quit smoking if you smoke, and etc!

Angela - posted on 02/17/2010




the baby doesn't require much in the first few days, so colostrum is enough. My milk didn't come in for 5 days so we did have to supplement for one day, but after that its been really good. My baby girl is 4 1/2 months now and still breastfed. You do need to be prepared for what's going to happen though. Usually the second and third day of breastfeeding is REALLY painful but it does get better, your nipples toughen up pretty quickly usually. As far as latching on, take advantage of the baby nurses or lactation consultant if your hospital has one on staff. They can really help you make sure the baby is latching on right. If the latch is incorrect that can cause pain while feeding, in fact that's the cause of most breastfeeding pain. You also have to be really consistent with feedings, every 2 to 3 hours for the first week or so, I stopped waking my baby up at night to feed after that point. There are many remedies for sore nipples from breastfeeding, most importantly lanolin. Invest in it! I used it about 5 minutes before nursing each time, then after nursing as well - it just helps keep them from getting dried and damaged. Its so much better to prevent it than try to keep going once its happened. Also - very important and kinda gross - eat more fiber after the baby comes, like a FiberOne bar or bran flakes or something. Breastmilk not only takes a lot of fluids out of you, but also a lot of fiber. Get a Boppy pillow, they are invaluable. I didn't get mine until my baby was 2 months and i've been kicking myself for not getting one sooner.

I know some of this probably sounds scary, but its better for you to know what to expect than be overwhelmed. You really need to have support to breastfeed, so explain the benefits to your partner. I've recently helped my sister in law get started breastfeeding and she didn't breastfeed her first baby. She told me that breastfeeding is really so much better than bottle-feeding, there's just an extreme emotional connection that you don't get as much of any other way. Of course moms who formula feed love their babies more than anything and you can certainly bottle feed and bond with the baby, but supplying your baby's nourishment from your breast, and seeing the look on their face and holding their little hand while they eat is just the best feeling in the world - and it releases oxytocin (a feel good hormone), while helping your uterus shrink back to its normal size faster and stave off your period even longer. Plus it can help you lose the baby weight. I know this is a lot of information, but if you need any more advice message me and i'll help you however I can.

Also, get a good breast pump - its a lifesaver!

Denise - posted on 02/17/2010




Some women have troubles and some don't. I am one that didn't have any trouble with my first. My milk came in after 2 days. The colostrum was enough for her. And you will know when your milk comes in thats for sure! Most hospitals have lactation consultants that you can talk to while you are in the hospital. They help you and the baby get the latching on right. It took my daughter a while to latch on properly....she was still getting enough to was my nipples that suffered lol. So definitely have lanolin available!!! If you have any concerns call your babies pediatrician or lactation consultant. You will do fine and don't get discouraged if its not what you thought it would be like. It is hard at first but totally worth it! I breastfeed my daughter for 18 months! And really I never got it when my friends would be like Breastfeeding is to hard bottle is easier.... blah blah blah.... Load of crap,It takes you a lot longer to get a bottle, measure formula, warm up the bottle, check the temp, then feed the baby, then you also have to clean the bottles. Breastfeeding you just pull out your boob and BAM baby fed! Yes you boobs will hurt at times....usually if you don't feed the baby on time and they get engorged. But hey look at it this way, you are giving your baby great nutrition and immunities , and your boobs look awesome as an added bonus! Oh and no offense to women who bottle feed...everything is a personal choice. Good luck to you and all the ladies that are going to breastfeed! I know I will breastfeed again this time around!

Stevie - posted on 02/17/2010




Oatmeal is good for keeping your milk supply up, if you don't like it try adding a bunch of fresh fruit on top, also you can pump each breast after breastfeeding to help increase production and I know there are some herbs like fenugreek that are supposed to help, just ask your doctor or midwife they can reassure you :)

Megan - posted on 02/17/2010




Talk to your doctor and they can help with some of your fears. When you have the baby they will send in a lactation consultant and she can also answer all of your questions.

Sarah - posted on 02/17/2010




I tried breast feeding with my 3 year old and had many troubles, my doctor had me switch him to formula at 1 month :( i'm expecting kid number 2 and my dr advised me against breast feeding this one because of all the trouble i had with my son, i wish you luck :)

Sarah - posted on 02/17/2010




Hi, i enjoyed feeding my girl so much! Yes, the colostrum comes for the first couple of days then your breast go really hard.(they reminded me of Barbie boobs lol!) then the milk comes in. The colostrum is enough for them becasue it so highly concentrated. My mum always said the stuff was worth it's weight in gold. It has alot of the immunities in it too. I fed her about every 2 to 2.5 hrs depending on when she wanted to feed. I only got one blister. I rubbed lucas paw paw ointment on my nipples during pregnacy and it seemed to work. It is true that if it hurts to feed, you havn't latched baby on properly but the midwifes should help you with that. Keep in mind though that it can hurt the first few days cause your body is getting used to it. I miss feeding so much and look forward to it with the next one. It is really a bonding experiance cause no one else can do it. It's specially for you :) I fed Chloe till she was old enoght to go on cow milk, so between 10 months -1 year

Cherie - posted on 02/16/2010




the baby is fine on the colostrum. NURSE NURSE NURSE as much as your baby wants to that helps build your supply. with my first i nursed probably 18-20 hours a day i never had supply problems and he is 15 months old and i am 14 weeks pregnant with our second and still breastfeeding. just don't over think it and worry the baby is nursing too much, because that is pretty much impossible. they nurse for comfort and for hunger. just nurse that baby as much as he/she wants to. good luck

Jennifer - posted on 02/16/2010




Hey, you sound so much like me!!! :) with my first I wanted too soo bad! you will be able to and there is no way you can be positive you will make enough but you body is made to keep up with their hunger so just eat good and believe in yourself! they are able to live off colostrum until your milk comes in and in fact thats all they need, they acctually trigger when your milk comes it so you and baby work together by breastfeeding, I would suggest getting a couple books on it and DO NOT be afraid to ask for help!! everyone needs help and it is less stress for you to ask questions, I say get a book on it and read it because I always think that the more you know the more you are comfortable with it. if you are still nervous and have more questions or more of a need to talk about it then maybe go see a lactation consultant, it helps to talk to someone who knows so much about this and this question is prob best left to the pros because everybody's expirence with breastfeeding is different :) I hope this helps

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