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So with my first son i breastfed for the first time and my son latched on right away. The Lactation consultant came in to check and she even said that he was doing fine. well as time progressed i noticed that my boobs were sore and really painful. Even before they started to hurt and i just thought it was because my boobs were so sensitive from the pregnancy. And when i checked they were bleeding. So i flipped out and automaticallly switched to formula which i regret so much now that i know it is a common thing.

Recently i just found out i was pregnant again and i was debating on whether i should breastfeed or not. My husband is a huge supporter and matter of fact he is the one that told me i should breastfeed with my son. And even though he saw me in pain he still recommends that i breastfeed again and i want to but im kinda freaked out about the pain and bleeding nipples. I posted a post on here and i was encouraged to try again (thank you for those who helped me get over my fear). But this time i want to make sure i am prepared with better knowledge even though i attended breastfeeding class with my first son and read many books and thought i was prepared i guess i wasnt.

And another thing was when i was in the hospital with my first son when i had visitors i had to kick them out of the room everytime i breastfed and i felt bad bc as boring as the hospital is, i loved the company. But i also was self conscious about just pulling my boobs out and breastfeeding in front of my family and friends. Definitely in front of my inlaws who were males. So i just had to have everyone wait outside the door till i was done. So with this new baby i will be delivering my baby at a different hospital bc my husband is in the airforce and we are a 16 hour drive away from home so family wont be attending. it will be just my friends and my husbands office crew.

So here are a few questions that i want to ask:

1. What do you think i should do? breastfeed or bottle?

2. Would it be a good idea to breastfeed as much as i can but when i have company at the hospital or go out somewhere should i bottle feed?

3. Should i start applying lansinoh or boobie cream right away during pregnancy?

4.Also, i would be interested in any information that you would like to tell me that you wish you had known before you started to breastfeed.

5. Any websites or books that really educated you and helped you become a better breastfeeder.

6. Also on they sell them warm and cool breastfeeding relief packs and i was wondering if anyone else thought these were useful?

p.s. I currently bought a maternity nursing gown for the hospital so hopefully i dont have to kick everyone out.


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To answer your questions

1) Breast feed if YOU want to. Yes, it is wonderful for you and your baby; nutrients and bonding and all that. But, if you don't want to, then don't. This is your choice, not ours, not your husbands, not your doctor's or nurses'.

2) You can do both bottle and breast, but wait until the 8 week mark. They say it reduces nipple confusion. Or, you can get yourself a few nursing tops with discreet openings and carry a light blanket or shawl. If you do this, I would advise practicing with them at home a few times before you venture out. If you want to have privacy while you and baby get this process figured out, the company can go get coffee or something while you are in the hospital. Your time in the hospital is to heal, get stronger following the birth (for both of you), and to get the nursing thing figured out. Until, YOU are comfortable with the process, do what you need to do.

3) No, you don't need to start the cream stuff now. But, do take it with you to the hospital. Just in case.

4) I wish I had known it was going to hurt as much the second time as it did the first time. My mom asked me if I wished I had just kept nursing our first until the second came out. As crazy as that sounds, I almost wish I had. My sensitivity and callouses (?) were gone by the time of our second boys arrival, so had to start over. If his brother was like feeding a barracuda, he was like offering myself to a shark. He caused some blood blister like things. But, it passed after a few weeks. They each had perfect latch from the start and a major ability to suck.

5) While I don't know of any books or websites, I might recommend the breastfeeding group in here. It's lots of women who are here to support one another. I would say really get a relationship going with a lactation specialist at the hospital or a La Leche League consultant and CALL them anytime you have questions.

I do have a small bit of advice about the new nursing gown. Unless the hospital gown really are not good for nursing, save it for at home. Take a tour of the maternity ward and ask to see the gowns. Some have slits in front, others the shoulders snap. Take a nursing bra with you, you won't feel quite so all out there. You can drape the sheet or a light blanket over your shoulder and the baby while feeding. In the hospital is a great place to practice this. You can also, get baby started, cover up and then call folks back into the room. Ultimately, your comfort is more important than theirs.

One other thing, as baby grows, you may want to recheck that they are latching properly. Sometimes we/they get a little lazy and we end up hurting for it. There is definitely a series of growth spurts, where it seems like all you do is sit there with a breast in their mouth. The first does fall at about 6-8 weeks. They will be ravenous and we are still kind of tender and sensitive. So, really be sure to check the latch then. Last thing, if you can, start within the first hour. They naturally want to and you get an early start to it all.

Hope this helps.

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:-) i had that exact same problem! When I had my first child everything was fine he attached well etc and i breast fed him until he was 8 weeks old when he began feeding more frequently that my mother told me to put him on formula as my milk was not filling him up anymore. I regret listening to her now as i learnt later that babies have a growth spert between 6 - 8 weeks and will feed more frequently during this stage. Anyway when i had my second child i breast fed him til he was 7 months old (the only reason i stopped was because my milk had started to dry up due to me being pregnant with my third child) anyway with my second child he did not attach well. He would rub me raw til i bled and was so sore that even i could not touch my nibbles without it hurting. I sort advice from the hospital and they supplied me with a nibble sheild which was the answer to my prayers! It is this little plastic sheild that suckens over your nibble and allows your milk to flow freely from your breast into your babies mouth without them injuring your delicate skin, nibble etc. It does not hurt with the sheild on and i would reccommend it for anyone who wants to breastfeed their child but cant due to pain, injury, in grown nibbles etc this is what the sheild was designed for. to assist mothers who wish to breast feed who would normally have no choice but to put their babies on formula.

so here is my opinion:

1 - If you wish to breast feed your baby then by all means do it. There is no need to fear being injured as you can always get a nibble sheild which is free from your local hospital / breast feeding centre

2 - If you choose to breast feed then stick to breast milk as its not a good idea to switch from breast to formula. by doing so you reduce the amount of milk your body produces and you will not be able to maintain the amount your child needs. You need to choose one or the other not both. My advice if you dont feel comfortable breastfeeding in public then either express your milk into a bottle to feed your baby or cover up while your baby feeds from you directly.

3 - No i would not use cream or loation it does nothing except for sooth damaged area so doing so BEFORE an injury accurs does not make sense and is a pointless exercise.

as for number 4 and 5 I pretty much got a breast feeding nurse and asked as many questions as i could think of when i gave birth to my second as i didnt want to make the same mistake i did with my older child.

Hope that helps and good luck

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1. It definitely sounds like you want to breastfeed, so go for it! It makes a huge difference that your husband is supportive, b/c you will definitely need that when you're up at 3 am trying to bf a screaming baby. hahaha Mama milk is also the healthiest thing for your little one, & as someone mentioned earlier, it's also very healthy for you! Moms who bf for a year or more are at less risk for several diseases, including breast cancer & heart disease. Mama milk is also a can even cure pink eye! Crazy! It is also helpful in losing the baby weight, & your baby gets all of your antibodies. I could keep going, b/c the list of benefits for both baby & mommy is endless!

2. I have no problem whipping a boob out now to feed my 10-month-old daughter wherever we are. I was shy when I first started, but that's changed over time. When she was first born, I used a blanket to wrap around her so no one could see unless they were standing directly above me. However, when I was first starting to bf, it was easiest for me to get the hang of it by just stripping down. I spent the first 3 mos running around the house topless. hahaha Also it's best to avoid pumping the first few mos, b/c baby is the best sucker to get your milk to come in completely. Bfing exclusively for the first 2-3 mos is recommended. When it came to people visiting us in the hospital, most people didn't stay long enough to interrupt any feedings, but family who visited us in the delivery room right after birth got to be privy to my bfing attempts. I kinda figured that they had already invaded a pretty sacred space where I was still bottomless & there was blood & stuff, so what did it matter? But that was just me.

3. I only started applying the lanolin when my nipples started to get dry & sore from learning how to bf. Another tip is to avoid washing them with soap in the shower. Soap contributes to drying them out.

4. If your nipple comes out looking like a lipstick, then baby is latching incorrectly. Do not be afraid to delatch & relatch. Sometimes you're just so tired & sore that you just let baby go, even though she's latched incorrectly, but avoid that if possible. She has to learn, just like you are, & she will! It took us almost 4 wks to be able to consistently latch correctly. I wanted to quit so many times!!! But now I'm so glad I stuck with it.

Join a La Leche League group! Watch other women latching their babies! Make friends who will come over to your house & help you latch your baby! I was blessed to have a friend who was a former leaguer. I would've been completely lost without her! It didn't help that my lactation consultant in the hospital was terrible. My friend was there whenever I needed her, day or night, & she would help me position myself & baby to find the ideal way to latch. She spent hours with me, & she was happy to do so, b/c bfing is so special & important to her. Joining a local LLL or other bfing group will help you make friends who will do the same for you.

On a final note, if baby is latching correctly, bfing DOES NOT HURT. You will not bleed, there will be no bruising, you won't crack, etc. The first few weeks are really rough b/c you're learning, & you may cry every time baby latches, but as you practice & get better, all of that will ease & eventually go away.

Get that nipple far back in baby's mouth & don't let her push it forward where she can mash it b/t her soft palette & tongue. That's when you get lipstick nipple & what leads to sore, sad nips.

5. La Leche League, all the way. They were a true blessing for me.

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I would strongly suggest breastfeeding but it is something that you have to commit to 100%. With my first it hurt for the entire 1st month to the point that I wanted to cry evrytime she fed. I applied the lanolin cream after every feeding which helped. I would use a blanket or bf cover when other people were around. I am not comfortable nursing in public either but I found it just easier to nurse her then pump and give the bottle. Breast milk is so much healthier for your baby and for you. It decreases yoour risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer as well as decreases the risk of any childhood disease for your baby. La leche is a good site to go to for info. I also googled breastfeeding when I wanted to learn more info. You should look into support programs near you, the more support you receive the better. good luck!

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1. What do you think i should do? Breastfeed or bottle?
No one but you can make that call but if you really want to try again the give it a shot the best thing to do is relax.

2. Would it be a good idea to breastfeed as much as i can but when i have company at the hospital or go out somewhere should i bottle-feed?
If you are uncomfortable feeding in front of others your going to spend a lot of time being lonely how do you feel about a cover? I would ask people to leave get baby latched on and then cover up and let them come back in. but that’s me

3. Should i start applying lansinoh or boobie cream right away during pregnancy?
Start now it helps so much!

4.Also, i would be interested in any information that you would like to tell me that you wish you had known before you started to breastfeed.
I wish I had known about lansinoh with my first one and I wish someone had warned me that until your nipple toughen up they are going to hurt a lot. Try and relax and see if you can’t fight through it breastfeeding was amazing. But there is nothing wrong with bottle-feeding

5. Any websites or books that really educated you and helped you become a better breast feeder.
My WIC consultant was a HUGE help.


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I used an AVENT nipple guard. Covers your poor broken nipple so you can keep feeding when you would have given up. Most hospitals aren't very keen on you using them but I say if it keeps bub on the boob can't be bad at all. After about 2 weeks I got rid of the guard altogether and then he was breastfed for another 6 months.

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You should do what is right for you, but if you can breastfeed that would be great for your new bub. Most important thing is to not stress, the more relaxed you are the more relaxed bub is and the more successfully you will feed.
Don't have anxiety about breastfeeding in front of other people, it may take some getting used to before you feel 100% comfortable but it is completely natural and is a beautiful thing to behold. If any male has an issue with you breastfeeding in front of them, that is their problem, not yours.
Every baby is different so just because you had problems last time doesn't mean that you will have issues this time around, just take it as it comes. And if you do have issues, see a lactation consultant again because even though the attachment may have been good at the start, things can change. If bleeding or discomfort occur, check to see if your bub has tongue-tie because that can sometimes cause attachment issues.
But just remember to relax, relax, relax. Start doing some meditation and deep breathing exercises now and do them while you breast feed it will be great for both bub and you.

Ashleigh - posted on 05/01/2010




I would breastfeed. My main suggestions is that if you know any chiropractors in the area that work with infants, go to one!! My son was having a really hard with with one side and my breasts became really sore, turns out that his c1 vertibrae was out and once he had an adjustment we went on to breastfeed til 1yr old.

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First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!

1. I think it sounds like you really want to breastfeed, and are worried you will regret it if you don't. Therefore, I would personally give it a go. The fact that you have a lot of support means that you'll be much more likely to be successful.
2. One of the best things about breastfeeding is that its ready-made food, available 24/7 at your convenience. Therefore, feed your baby no matter who is there. If you feel uncomfortable, you can get special tops with pockets that come down allowing you to be discreet. Or you could lift your top up and have something like a boobtube covering your midriff? You can feed your own milk with a bottle, but only after latching is well established as babies tend to get a bit lazy when using a bottle too soon, as the milk comes out faster and easier than from the breast. If others are uncomfortable, then in my opinion it is their job to leave, not yours.
3. At my breastfeeding classes, they told us to rub a few drops of milk onto the nipple and surrounding area, and that should prevent soreness.
4. Check any medications or supplements you are taken are suitable for use when breastfeeding; I wanted to feed my daughter myself soooo much, but the medication I was on wasn't suitable, and it wasn't picked up before as it was deemed safe for pregnancy! I feel such regret about this.
5. Again, as I didn't breastfeed I can't answer this, but I would speak to other women who have done it. I think most women can expect some little problem at some point or another, and so who better to talk to than those who have gone through it! There's also a wealth of information online, in particular and

Good luck! xx

Good luck!

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1. I think you should breastfeed.
2. you should breastfeed even with company there...its natural. Use a blanket to cover if you feel self continuous.
3. You really don't need lanolin til after. Be sure to make sure the baby is latching correctly. I did the same thing with my daughter (sore, bleeding nipples). I kept at it regardless of the pain and finally we worked together and she got the latch right. I breast fed for 18 months! I plan on doing it with my son too! I say if it starts to hurt don't just give up. Go to a breastfeeding support group and talk to a lactation consultant.
4. Try not to let yourself get engorged. Let the baby feed as much as he wants! I let myself get engorged on several occasions in a row and ended up getting a clogged duct and it was SOOO painful and ended up with a fever and having to pump and feed just to get the duct unclogged. Way worse than the nipple pain!
5. Babycenter is a good website. also they have a breastfeeding group on circle of moms.

[deleted account]

I like this site, I used it for everything with my pregnancies.

I bled with my first time breastfeeding too, I was like you and had no idea that could happen. I stoped breastfeeding shortly after that because I was in so much pain when feeding that I couldn't sit still, and my daughter was loosing weight from not feeding properly. My lactation consultant to me that next time I had a baby contact a consultant early on in the pregnancy and let them know I needed prevenative care for breastfeeding. Here is a site for sheilds to pretect your nipples when they are sore or start bleeding, you can use them all the time if you like.

If you use them all the time, babies tend to only like bottles with elongated nipples since that is what they became accustomed to.

Here is a product that you can use as often as possible when your pregnant and after your pregnancy to help you breastfeed with either less or no problems at all. It also helps you heal faster when you are sore, be careful in the begining they can fill up with milk, check them often, but they are a life saver.

Ask a lactation consultant at the hospital about these products they may have some on hand to give you.

Your Questions

1. Breastfeeding is the best for the baby and yourself, but if it's too difficult you both will cope just fine with the alternative.

2. What ever you are comfortable doing, do that. I fed my children no matter what, if men were in the room that wouldn't be comfortable with it, I would leave the room for the feeding, but other than that I even fed my kids in public.

3. I applied breast milk and lansinoh during my second pregnancy and I think it helped a lot, so yes it's worth the efffort.

4. The products I showed you, I wish I knew about with the first pregnancy, and also if you continue to have pain then either you need to wear the sheilds more to draw out your nipples or the baby needs help with latching on better.

5. To become a better breastfeeder I just researched online with every thing I could possibly find about breastfeeding. I believe the information I have given you will truely help.

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1 breast is best

2 breastfeed no matter who is around, take an extra blanket and drape it over your shoulder. you're not making a political statement, you're nourishing your kid. if anyone feels awkward, they can always wait outside if they like. don't accomodate others, only your kid.

3 sure

4&5 "Breastfeeding Made Simple" is a jewel of a book - it's an easy read and it has 7 basics of feeding. the reason you were bleeding is b/c the baby wasn't latched on to your nipple far enough back into his mouth. it needs to be way back in there - they tell you to tickle their chin, get them open wide and aim for their nose w/your nipple and it will get far enough in. think of how far back a pacifier goes in their mouth, that's the same amount. it also helps stimulate your milk better. it's a common, common thing that happens. i recommend this book over the LaLeche book only b/c the LaLeche book is sooooooooo long. this one gets right to the basics.

i nursed our oldest for 6 months and a few months after that as i could - i went back to work. and i nursed out 2nd for 3 weeks. i was just too tired to chase an 18 month old and nurse. they're both happy and healthy.

do what's right for you and don't worry about everybody else. you can also see a lactation consultant after you leave the hospital if you feel you need a little more support.

when our 2nd was born, i was nursing her in the hospital and i was all thumbs and so was she. i told the lacation consultant, "my first one, was such a champ!" she said, "you're remembering what it was like at the tail end of nursing, not the first day of nursing. a lot of babies need a day or two to practice."

i wish you the best of luck! congratulations!

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