Buy diapers in advance?

Callie - posted on 05/17/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My husband and I want to be prepared as possible for our first baby. We decided to start buying diapers around the 20th week to start preparing. What sizes should we go up to (like a 4?) and also how will we know if we have to many of one size? Any estimations?


Lucy Mary - posted on 05/21/2013




I dont encourage you to buy the bigger sizes as yet because it takes quite sometime for the baby to move from size 3 to 4. Just stock up on the 1/2 as well as a few size 3s. You will go through the size 1/2 very quickly because the baby will have several bowel movements daily when he/she is still very young. Depending on the baby's growth rate, you will also move to size 3 pretty quickly but the move to size 4 comes many months down the line. You do not want to be stuck with lots of diapers of the wrong size so buy in moderation.

Sally - posted on 05/31/2013




You can look up a growth chart to see how big an average baby is at various ages and compare that to diaper sizes. Most kids go through 1-2 of the small diaper packages per week. Most diapers are cheaper if you buy the big boxes. It's a little math, but that'll probably be your safest estimate.
Personally, I'd put the money into savings instead of stocking up very many diapers before birth. Every baby and every brand of diaper are a slightly different shape and you don't want a huge stack of something that leaks on your baby.


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Danicia - posted on 06/01/2013




we started stocking up around 20wks preggo and had a stack of around
100 newborn
250 size 1
150 size 2
100 size 3
50 size 4
50 size 5
(all estimations) by the time our daughter was born. newborn was the only one that we had a few leftover diapers by the time she moved up a size. the rest of the sizes we have had to purchase more when the stock pile diminished.

next time, we are doing cloth diapers. I've done lots of research on it now that we have done disposables and I completely think for us it is smart to do cloth diapers that just grow with baby vs disposables all the time. (side note: I read a blog saying that if you get Minky fabric, cut it to fit the inside of the cloth diaper and put it in there, poo will not stick to it so you can just dump it easily. it's the same fabric that they use in the $45 cloth diaper to make it poo proof- just thought it was cool and wanted to share with whoever reads :) ).

good luck and congratulations on your bundle of joy in the making! :)

Shannon - posted on 06/01/2013




Have you thought about cloth diapers? I would say stick with disposables for the first month (especially with the meconium) , but then entertain the idea. I am on my third and expecting my fourth and I wish I had looked into it earlier. Visit my blog and I have a post reviewing some of my top choices for diapers, as well as some tips. Don't think you have to scrape poop off of the diapers. It's not that bad :) Also, if it is your first, you can register for whichever brand you choose and people can help you out, so that diapering your baby will be a huge savings!

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