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Chemical Misscarriage or still confused what is going on with me

Angela - posted on 10/26/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




I had a normal period, on Oct 14th it lasted the normal 5 to 6 days. It was not too light or heavy. (Sure sign I was not pregnant) Then 4 days later, I randomly got really ill, like I was about to start my period but more intensified. It hit me all of the sudden. My breast suddenly got sore, achy, and a headache. In addition, I noticed as well, when I went to the rest room and wiped I would see brownish discharge. Not too heavy but wore a panty liner. I was confused my breast randomly started hurting like when I was on my period a few days ago, therefore, I started thinking to myself either it was old blood from the period I just had or could I really be having a period again... Next day, brownish discharge still there did not feel as bad, still sore breast but mild lower back pain and cramping. Therefore, I decided to take pregnancy test...POSITIVE! Did not think it was even possible since I had a period. The brownish discharge stopped mid- day, I went to the doctor confirmed through a urine sample I was pregnant. I got my blood work back today and my levels is 2.2 progesterone and 582 HGC. I have to go back in Monday for more blood work. I still feel awful, achy, and cramps but no brownish discharge. I am so confused and would like some insight while I wait until Monday for more results. Did I miscarry during my period and still showing symptoms and positive test (and not all aborted so have to get a D&C), or am I miscarrying now, or do you think I am still pregnant and levels can still elevate? I have no idea how far a long I am since I had a period, but I am assuming VERY VERY early. Thanks for any advice


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User - posted on 11/13/2014




Thank you. It was a normal cycle implatation. They determine I had a ectopic pregnancy. They never found where it was implanted. I received a dose on each side of my hips of mxt to dissolve the pregnancy. Thank you for the information!,

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