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Okay. So, I posted on here earlier about a possible pregnancy. I had wonderful responses and thank you everyone that replied. Well, I had a blood test done, and it came out negative. My cumulative HCg level was 1 mlU/ml... but I still feel pregnant. My breasts are sore, and my milk supply seems to have dropped. (I'm nursing my 8.5 month old daughter, and she doesn't seem all that interested in nursing anymore.) I have been hungry more, but too nauseous too eat. My womb has felt odd. There have been twinges, twitches, cramps, and a whole lot of other sensations in that area, but no period. I have been having discharge much like I have when I was pregnant with my daughter. And there has been an odd metallic taste in my mouth. I feel like I'm gaining weight, and that there is a weight in my womb. This has been going on for over a month. Anyone have any idea what is going on with me?
I can go back for another beta hcg test, but I'm thinking it won't show a whole lot. Is this an etopic pregnancy, my period coming back, low hcg pregnancy, what???
I'm just really confused. Thanks in advance.


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Keeli - posted on 05/21/2011




I had a friend who knew she was pregnant. every test she took came up negative. the doctors tested her blood three times and it said negative all three times. she was getting really frustrated because she new she was pregnant. she went in the fourth time and the doctor was all like wow you were right you are pregnant. so in my opinion if you think your pregnant it doesnt hurt to keep getting checked.

Kim - posted on 05/20/2011




I don't think you are pregnant. When I was 6 weeks pregnant with twins my hcg levels were in the 8000's. It may just be your body responding to the change in her breastfeeding needs. Hormones can mess with you.

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