Constant Fighting during Pregnancy?

Jordan - posted on 10/21/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My fiancee and i are expecting our second baby and we are both thrilled about her but the only problem is that we are constantly fighting. Its so bad that he moved out and has been living with his brother for 4 months. We do get along at times but the fights outweigh the good days. My question is, is it just hormones and things will get better once i have the baby or does this mean we are separating for good?


Lyn - posted on 10/21/2010




Jordan, that is a really hard topic to comment on as no one really knows your situation. hormones do have a lot to do with our emotions but dont classify yourself, i take 1 step at a time and when I am having a "moment" i slow down and think about things, it also helps that I have a supportive partner. This is only something that the 2 of you can work out. you need to ask yourselves the question... do you really want to be together? you obviously did because you are engaged. Things happen in relationships its the outcome that changes things in relationships. it is hard to say if things will get better as there is a new baby in the mix - it can bring you together but it also can tear you apart with the stress of a new one, you need to sit down and talk with him - find out what he really wants and what you really want - gee im sounding like Dr Phil, you get the idea i hope. relationships dont just work, they are worked on to work. take care and I hope this helps.


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Vanessa - posted on 11/06/2010




You're forgetting the most important point here --- the stress on your unborn baby! Make a conscious decision to stop that stuff now!
Yes hormones do play a huge part - however don't expect your hormones to settle after the birth. Newborns add a whole new dimension to the words - sleep deprived and stressed to the max! I wouldn't look at moving back together anytime soon - You need time to work on your relationship and sometimes doing it from a distance is the way to do it while emotions are running high. Just remember the baby in your belly can feel everything you can --- why would you put an innocent through that?!

Jane - posted on 11/01/2010




it means what the two of you make it mean. he needs to get his ass back in the house. family is not in and out. he's in or he's out. you both need to keep your heads calm. you are parents and both adults. you can't run and you can't fight all of the time. not everything needs to be said. how is your other child taking it all? what does this show your child? it's not fair to your child to let them see that you two handle things this way. the cornerstone to a strong family is the relationship b/w the parents. settle down and settle in.

sorry to be a hard-ass but my parents had 7 kids, they'll celebrate their 56th anniversary this month. it took me 37 years to find the right guy. there really is no time for b.s. like this in life and it's nothing good to be showing your kids. you're blessed. realize it and live well.

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