Consultantled care because im on 4th baby?

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Booked in with my midwife today and she told me I'd have to have consultant led care instead of midwife led because I'm on my fourth baby. She said I was a bigger risk because I've had so many Ive never heard of this before has anyone else?


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Emily - posted on 01/22/2010




I'd get a secon opinion too! I've never heard of that before.
I'm due to have baby # 4 March 12 and am doing midwife care again, at a different hospital to where my other three were born though as we've moved.
I would think that having baby # 4 with three straightforward pregnancies before would make you even safer!
Is there another hospital close to you that you could try?
Good luck and enjoy :o)

JoAnn - posted on 01/22/2010




i would think it would only be risky if you are having a c-section...if your doing it natural there shouldn't be any kind of problem...ive never heard of that! i would get a second opinion!!

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Well all my pregnancies have been straight forward pretty much the only thing the midwife said was im at greater risk of bleeding because ive had so many babies but i dont think four is such a great number. To be honest every midwife ive had hasnt been much use so I try not to take much notice of them. The only time ive ever seen a consultant before was when i went overdue on my first baby and he tried to force me into being induced so that i wouldnt mess his weekend plans up so i dont really want to be under a docter again.

Cat - posted on 01/21/2010




That is insane. I'm on number five, and I've had a midwife every time. The same midwife in fact, and I would pitch an absolute FIT, if I had to see anyone else, I just don't trust anyone else. Unless you have had complications with your other pregnancies, or are with this one, I see absolutely NO reason why you shouldn't be able to see your MW. Can you think of any health issues that may be effecting that decision?

[deleted account]

I don't much about midwives, since they are not legal in some provinces in Canada (including the one I live in), but I personally wouldn't say four babies is a lot. Most of my husband's aunts have had 8+!!! Is there a particular reason why four puts you at bigger risk, or could they just be making sure their own buts are covered?

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