could i be pregnant on the IUD MERANA?

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I have been worried for acouple months that I may be pregnant on the iud but two negative tests but been gaining weight in my stomach. Restless nights sore nipples smells bothering me more more depressed..been more thorny..also when I was pregnant Sid my son I had gallblaader stones for a whole year ..they were gonna remove my gallblader but they said they went away I have been getting chest pains . I feel like imw have heart attack when happens ..i cant do anything while in pain summtimes i i cant breath for almost a min..I'm worried. I do not have insurance right now to see a doctor...can the iud give u falls pregnancy test? Cud this be a tubel pregnancy?can the iud be messing my body up? I have had many side affects from the iud. From the begging but it was always on and off I beleave I havehad it for a two yer or over two years ithas been so long that I have not even seen a reg. Doctor for life has been hard and struggling. That I haveput all my problems a side totake care of my 3yr old son..please give me any info u can ..


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Actually the hormones in the mirena can make some women with risk signs more likely to have side effects like stroke or heart attact. Hopefully it is just a little anxiety. If you had a positive pregnancy test you and you are wearing a iud you certainly need to get that addressed. My girlfreind told me about how hers got misplaced and she became pregnant soo it isn't impossable, come to think of it people generally come to me with these stories which may be benificial since I can share the story with you and hopefully you don't ignore something that shoudln't be ignored. ok ok I know you know this. Chest pains and shortness of breath warrent a trip to the doc. See if you can locate some time of insurance or assistance, but don't let that be a factor in wether or not you secure your health for you 3yr old. He needs you. :)

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Abstinence is the only thing that is 100%. Tubes come untied, condoms break, and birth control fails and causes long term complications and changes to your body thats if it even workd for your body in the first place because not everything does so as long as you have unprotected sex it is possible to get pregnant no matter what type of birth contol you're on and how good you or your doctor may be convinced it is which is why there are so many recalls on all theses birth controls and yes this means even when it is used properly and inserted properly. everyone has different experiences and everything isnt for everyone because everyone is different.

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