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Candace - posted on 06/10/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My tubes have been tied for nearly 10 years, however I feel kicks and movement in my belly, I can also see the movement and have video recorded it. Pee tests are negative, blood test is negative and ultrasound negative for pregnancy. However, my Husband ordered a doppler monitor and sure enough we Picked up a heart beat and placenta noise. I Googled these symptoms and cryptic pregnancy popped up. Although the medical field are not acknowledging these pregnancies I'm here to tell you they're real. Ive had the ultrasound, been to the doctor and they are not believing it. Luckily my ultrasound came back showing I had a cyst so I'm using that as reason to get an obgyn appt. In meantime I'm relying on info from my first to pregnancies to take care of myself. If ob does not buy in guess we'll be doing this on our own. The heart beat is my own confirmation that this is real.


Jennifer - posted on 08/06/2015




It's a good thing that you're going to see the doctor with your symptoms. However it is best to prepare yourself that if the doctors tell you that you are not pregnant then it will be highly unlikely that this position will change especially if all forms of testing are negative.

I've had a quick look at the some of the cryptic pregnancy web sites and groups and quite simply they are disturbing. In the case of the pregnancies that are described such as those that are still in progress 2 years on, it is impossible for the medical field to acknowledge something that doesn't exist.

If you truly want a child and the results from the doctor is negative, you would be better served directing your energies toward trying to become pregnant rather than believing the web sites and hoping for some miracle pregnancy type that has been made up by women who unfortunately have severe problems.


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Nationsalexandria - posted on 09/14/2016




Jennifer Manson: cryptic pregnancy (steath pregnancy) is real and is caused by the body protecting the fetus by hiding it, I am currently three years pregnant and do ultrasounds from my phone and also fetal Doppler's for heart beats.

I am 100% pregnant and showing.

Tell this to someone else who is dealing with a cryptic pregnancy they'd literally flip out on you.

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