Csection vs vaginally delivering

Lyndsay - posted on 08/03/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey ladies I'm pregnant with my second child and I had a horrific vaginal delivery 5 years ago with a 3rd degree laceration, recovery was awful and being intimate to this day is painful I'm wondering if I should push for a c-section this time, I know it's "major" surgery but I've had my appendix out recently and I know the recovery is not easy but it's gotta be better than being split down the middle of your lady parts please help I have horrible flashbacks of my first delivery but don't want to make the wrong decision has anyone experienced both methods?


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Aime - posted on 10/11/2015




Im going through the same thing. Due in 4 weeks and had an easy 1st delivery but terrible 2nd. Still have pain to this day.
Good luck. Update on what you decide.

Sarah - posted on 08/04/2015




I have not had a csec. So can't speak to that. But I did have to be cut and tore even more with my first. It was a hard recovery. But I have had 3 more natural births that have been great. With the last three I tore very minor and was up and walking normally a few hours after birth. I did not even need pain meds before or after. My babies have been all different sizes too 7pounds 13 ounces was first second was 9 pounds 1 ounce but WAY better delivery third was 7pounds 13 ounces again and a nice delivery. So just because you have one bad experience does not mean the others will be also. Also the first tends to be the hardest. You are not stretched out as much, so after the first paves the way the other deliveries tend to go better.

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