Cute or Funny stories of your pet bonding with unborn baby =)

Elizabeth - posted on 03/31/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




I'm almost done with my pregnancy, they are wanting to induce me in 2-3 weeks because of complications. But our dog has been acting so cute throughout the pregnancy that I thought I would share.

We have a 6 year old Boston Terrier and she knew I was pregnant before we did. She used to always sleep next to my legs and then suddenly started sleeeping next to my hips and stomach. 2 weeks or so later we found out I was 7 weeks pregnant. Then at around 3 months she would lay next to me and listen at my tummy then jump up all excited and cocking her head to the side while wagging her little stubby tail. That has continued, and when our daughter is moving alot I put her head next to me so she can hear/feel. She has continued to sleep next to my tummy and has had lots of opportunity to do so since I've been on bedrest most of the pregnancy. Then at around 5-6 months she started getting possesive and not liking it when anyone other than my husband would touch or sit next to my belly' for awhile. She jumps in between us as if she's saying, that's enough, get away from my baby lol. And today she has hardly left my side and has been laying her head on my tummy as if she knows something we don't know.

It's been very cute to see how her bonding with our daughter has progressed through the months. She was fixed before she was a year old, so she never experienced being a mommy herself, so she has decided this is her puppy haha! We are sending a blanket home with the baby's scent on it for her to get used to before bringing baby home from the hospital to kinda help finish the bonding experience.

I was just wondering if anyone else has any cute or funny stories of their pets bonding with their baby before birth, or even after birth.


Ashley - posted on 04/01/2010




During my first pregnancy my cat was always sleeping on my pillow between my legs and if the baby kicked her she would hiss at it lol. She got over that and loves my son now. This pregnancy she sleeps behind my back and purrs to calm down the baby when he is over active at night. She must know he is driving me crazy with the night wake ups.


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Amy - posted on 04/05/2010




I am only ten weeks pregnant and I am very lucky to share my life with an awesome dog who is usually very active "patroling" the house checking the other kids' rooms and looking out the windows but lately he has stopped this and very rarely leaves my side, the whole time I have been on the computer he has been lying with in four feet of me, even when the kids are getting loud and he would usually go investigate he has been only looking down the hallway then returning, not leaving my sight. At Canine Search and Rescue training he is not venturing out of sight and has slowed down his pace to adjust to me, we have always had a close bond and it is very touching see him acting this way.

Danelle - posted on 04/05/2010




i got three months left of my pregnancy and my cat, lays facing me with his feet against my belly and when she moves or kicks out at him he kicks back!

its soo cute to watch, especially when he seems to be asleep and still purrs and kicks back :)

he also follows me around alot and just wants to be in the same room as me, and some nights when bubs too active he lays straight out with his nose pressed against my throat and his arms around my neck lol its adorable :)

Andrea - posted on 04/05/2010




Our dog ( a Siberian Husky) didn't really bond before the birth but she did become more clingy to me and somewhat more protective. After we brought him home though I thought is was amazing that she on her own decided not to lick his face. She would lick his feet but would only get her face close to his and stick out her tongue without actually touching it.
She knew he needed protecting and could tell if he was crying for a reason or just crying - she would turn away from and kind of ignore plain crying and would come to his side or "talk" to me if the cry changed, but she did not like me leaving the room if he was crying in any way. She wold sit by the bassinet and "talk" giving me this disapproving look like what do you think you are doing you can't leave him like this.

Sarah - posted on 04/05/2010




I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and they will curl up next to my tummy! my 1 cat likes to sleep on my tummy when i am laying down! i'm not sure if they "know" or not because its my 1st pregnancy but its still cute to watch! but they are used to kids since i run a daycare in my home! i'd like to think they know whats going on!

Lori - posted on 04/05/2010




I noticed the opposite with my fiancé's dog. There has always been a distinct split with our animals. His dog, a 10 yr old mutt that has to be part shar pei, is his buddy. Our 3 yr old female JRT is glued to my hip unless there is a nice patch of sunlight to snooze in. My cat prefers him, to his consternation (he used to "hate" cats, but we know the truth!).

Nothing much has changed in their behavior, except that his dog has become incredibly needy since we found out we were expecting! Anytime we're on a couch together, Rosco HAS to be in his lap, or wedged between us. It's almost funny how he'll fuss his way into his intended position, usually in my fiancé's face, then sit there staring at me. He's calmed down somewhat but still occasionally acts up. Our JRT has become typically territorial with the other animals as she's grown up, and can be very snippy even with us if she is startled during a nap. I am a little worried about how the dynamics will change when the new baby is introduced.

Delta - posted on 04/04/2010




Hey Tara, I have a cat that we had rescued about 3/4 years ago. She is also right behind me in the house. If I go to the bathroom and don't shut the door all the way she gets in to be with me. She either sleep right next to me on the bed when my husband is at work cause he works midnights and she even sleeps above my head on my pillows. She has done this before I got pregnant. But after I got pregnant by 10pm she starts to meow at me like I need to go to bed and some nights I don't get to bed till after 11pm.

Tara - posted on 04/04/2010




I thought my cat was just acting weird. lol. He never leaves my side now, no matter what i do, he has to be right by me. He tries to sleep with me at night as well but my fiance is having none of that. He howls and scratches at the door till we let him in. Its really sweet and i love my fuzzy baby but it can get kinda annoying when he's under foot all the time. I got up to go deal with baby sickness and tripped over him because he had to go with mommy to the bathroom. Almost didn't make it in Crazy days.

Delta - posted on 04/04/2010




My older cat has always been by my side all the time, even before I got pregnant 10 years ago. The cute thing is after my daughter was born, we had her laying on our bed (at the time the mattress was sitting on the floor and not on a frame) and when we were not in the room the cat would lay half on the floor and half on the bed watching her, when our daughter fussed a little the cat would come running to us and meow to let us know she was fussing.

Danielle - posted on 04/04/2010




Aww that is so cute!!!!
I'm 37 weeeks pregnant, and my dog, a female pitbull, has been following me around a lot lately in these last few weeks. She of course is too big to get into my lap, but she often lays her head on my lap and nuzzles my belly with her nose, and just stares at me with her big brown eyes, usually her "I want something" look but there is nothing she wants lol. She also will lay on the floor besides me everywhere I go. It's cute and annoying at the same time LOL. I wonder if she'll let me know if I am going into labor though, before I know it myself. Something interesting to find out in the near future!

Stevie - posted on 04/04/2010




That is really cute :) I have 3 cats and they like to curl up on my belly when I'm laying in bed and when the baby kicks them they give me some pretty funny "WTH?" faces. Sometimes they just stare at my belly probably because they see it move, but then again they cold just be thinking "my ?God you've gotten fat". I don't think cats are as smart as dogs ;)

Natasha - posted on 04/04/2010




Wow thanks for making this convo because I thought it was just me and I felt a little crazy! My dog has always been more attached to my husband but lately she would come and cuddle up next to my legs with her head propped up on my tummy or hip. When I don't cuddle with her she puts her head across my neck! She is constantly sniffing my tummy and my daughter has even kicked her head once and she just jumped up and cocked her head to the side. She has def been a lot more cuddly lately. The only problem I have with her is all the toys I've been getting from people she wants to chew on! She loves plush toys because nothing makes her happier than tearing the stuffing out and watching me clean up after her lol.

One really cute thing I will mention though is when I first got a couple of toys for the baby there was this dinosaur plush toy and usually when she gets the squeeker and stuffing out of it she gets bored and leaves it alone. WELL this dinosaur is nothing but torn fabric now but she still continues to sleep with it. She carries it to the bed and when you see her laying down sure enough this dino is under her head or in between her feet.

I love my puppy. lol

Michelle - posted on 04/03/2010




I have also noticed that my cat seemed to be noticing that I am pregnant . He use to sleep at my feet, however started sleeping at belly level once I became pregnant.
Also seems more protective of me and stays with in eye shot if he is in the house .

Mellissa - posted on 04/01/2010




That is so cute! I am having the same experience with my bf's kitten. About a month after we found out I am pregnant he started sleeping as close to my belly as he can, and sometimes on it. He used to sleep next to his mom. He got so bad that we started locking him out of the bedroom at night so we could sleep, but then he would pull on the door and cry. When my bf gets up in the morning he leaves the bedroom door open and the kitten will get on the bed and lay by or on my stomach. Then he will follow me to the living room and lay by me until I am up and moving around. Then he follows me around, even to the bathroom where he wants to sit on my lap. It's like having a guard kitty for the baby. I am spending the week at my mom's and my bf said that his kitten won't even sleep on the bed with him now. I didn't realize just how attatched the little guy had gotten to my belly. I do like the idea of bringing home a blanket for your dog to get your baby's scent. I may try that with our kitty.

Megan - posted on 04/01/2010




My dog has been doing some of the same, it was cute but now it's just getting annoying!! He is part American Bulldog, Pitt Bull and Lab. Don't get me wrong, I love my dog and he is a part of the family and I do consider him to be like a child since we got him at 3 wks old, and I already have practice with the middle of the night feedings!

Most people are afraid of him when we are out cause he has a very loud bark for being a puppy and he wont let anyone come near me when we are walking. He is stuck to my side 24/7 following me everywhere I go! It gets a little hard to go to the bathroom when you have a dog head in your lap!!

My favorite thing that he does is jumps in the shower with me!! He hops into the tub and just sits there watching me. He can't stand to not be in the same room as me, even if I go into the kitchen from the living room he has to follow he and watch what I am doing!!

The worst thing that he does is barks at my tummy when it moves! He really doesn't like to see that. And now that I have started having contractions he doesn't like to see me cring at the feeling!! And really his barking only makes things worse.

We have put out some baby stuff so that he can start getting used to the sites and smells but so far he isn't liking what he sees! He growls at the stroller and tries to attack the toys I put in it.

I hope he does better when we bring baby home!!

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