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Rhewa - posted on 07/01/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




1 month ago my 16 year old son was diagnosed with OCD anxiety. He is having weird thoughts and worrys about everything. He's had a few panic attacks as well. He's seeing a therapist and now on medication. His therapist says its normal but it freaks me out. It always makes him feel better to tell me what's giving him anxiety. But now I feel like I've got anxiety. It's made me realize I've had it my whole life I just didn't know what it was. Ive always been able to hide it or just deal with it on my own, but now i feel like i too need help but im scared. So my question is there anyone else out ther dealing with this I feel all alon? Should I too get help?


Lisamarie - posted on 07/18/2012




Hey, I suffer from anxiety too. Everything freaks me out, the tiniest things turn into life-threatening situations in my head. I found it got worse after having my children. I had to seek help because it made me physically sick, I was so anxious I was ill all the time, I couldn't even take my daughter to school. I saw a doctor who recommended a counsellor who I saw once a week for 6 weeks.
It helped me so much! There was so much about my life that I had hidden from everyone and so many parts of me that I kept to myself for varying reasons. Just talking about my life and what happened he could pinpoint at what stage and why I started to think and feel and do certain things and just knowing why I felt that way helped a lot.
After the sessions I felt amazing, like a new woman. I had spent the first part of my life making everyone else happy and being everyone else's shoulder to cry on and now it is time for me! I will help other people if they need it but unlike before I am not going to upset my life to make theirs better. We are only human and can only take so much before we have to seek help. For some people it works, for other it doesn't but I, honestly think you should give it a try. It worked wonders for me!
Good luck :-)

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You can see a Dr. just like your son did. When I was dealing with anxiety, I didn't know it eiether, when I learned of it, I had to dig deep to figure out why, once I knew what was giving me these feelings of worry and being overwhelmed, I sought to eliminate these things from my life slowly but surely and at the same time learn to better manage my stress. Never took 1 pill, or saw 1 Dr. But that doesn't mean that at some point I should have. Missed an important wedding because of an anxiety attack and other events as well....not easy to explain to people...but when my world was out of control, my innner world was the exact same way.. gainig control helped me....


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Sarah - posted on 08/03/2012




hey i have a miner case to but min is more of like repetitive tics like i turn the fosit to the singk off twice , on,off ,on,off and and i have to wash my hands twice when i wash them my mother has it to but she is more of the obsesive cleaner and it has caused her several health problems and she is seing a doctor about it..... manly the reason i wanted to share was to tell you that your not alone with the ocd i know it can be hard at times but you will make it through just keep in mind that your ok and get some help controlling it and work with your son together it will all be ok in the end :) if you ever just need to talk or you can msg me about anything :) oh and im sarah im ney to thissite and find the mothers on here to be verry helpful and i hope to make some friends :)

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