decrease in movement. is this normal?

Amanda - posted on 08/12/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am 29 weeks and noticed a decrease in the movement of my baby last night. She is still randomly moving but not to the degree she was before. Should I be concerned or just paranoid?


Amanda - posted on 08/12/2010




At 29 weeks i'd think she should still be moving a fair amount. If it was just the one night then she's likely fine as they do go through phases. My little guy would feel like he was doing barrel rolls for days at a time then be, in comparison, very quiet and hardly move for a few days. Doc told me not to worry when i asked about it as his heartrate was fine and everything else was otherwise good. He's not moving so much NOW but i am 38 weeks so he's run out of room.

If you're concerned bring it up with your doctor but it's unlikely to be anything to be worried about.

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I got told that a min of ten movements a day, sometimes my baby has quiet days, and sometimes super active days, as tasha said, they start developing sleeping patterns.. when my bubs hasnt moved in a while i either give her a wee poke, or have a cold drink, or a coke or something sugary, or put on her fave music which makes her party! :) if your still feeling bubs move then dont stress out!

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Doctors go by the average amount of movement in a week's time to verify all is well. If you are concerned do this, lie down in a still room (no tv and no music-doesn't have to be dark just absolutely quiet) for an hour. Count how many times you feel ANY kind of movement from your wee one in that hour. You should feel AT LEAST 10 movements. If you feel the minimal 10 then rest easy all is well ... but if you don't for some reason, drink a small glass of juice and go back to the room and keep counting. If after 2 hours time you haven't felt the baby move 10 times (again minimum) then call your doctor immediately as something isn't right.

I have gestational diabetes so have to do these at home kick counts twice a day as well as twice a week go in for non-stress tests where they look for the same thing. I wish you all the best and good luck!

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Very normal , and very normal to get worried!
The bigger a baby gets the less room to move around inutero so those kicks and big thumps become more subtle .
A few gentle pokes sometimes will make them move to change position. Also a small amount of something sweet or even placing something cold like a can of soda on the belly .
My son moves when ever I place something on my belly cold or not. He goes nuts when I scratch my stretching belly for relief from pregnancy itches.


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Jessica - posted on 08/14/2010




A few ways I get my baby moving: take a bath and pour water over my exposed belly, eat something sweet, and do the cat stretch.

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My midwives always said that past about 28 weeks the baby starts getting a sleeping pattern. Your little one might be moving more when you are asleep. Also if you do alot of moving in the daytime your baby is rocked to sleep with the motion. If you want talk to your dr or midwife about your concern and if they are like mine they will hook you up for a nonstress test just to comfort you. Made me feel better towards the end. lol also should my braxton hicks it was great!

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