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I had an appointment today. Due to insurance issues and being denied by multiple different doctors it was only my 2nd appointment. My first appointment was rough, I had an ultrasound done and the doctor told me he would see my in a month. I thought the reason he didn't do anything was because my 2 yr old was crying and decided to wait until today.

Today I brought up my concerns to him about the possibility of being multiples because I felt the ultrasound technician made an error. Moving from a baby with its head down to a baby with its head by my ribs to find the gender (but said it was the same one). He completely dismissed it saying he truly believed it was one but he would eat his words if he had to. My husband wanted to tell him to get some ketchup.

Then he had his student physicians assistant check for the baby's heartbeat. It was 160. The first appointment it was 145...I thought they stayed pretty consistant. She found the baby on my right side but then I told her the baby was definately down on my left side. She felt and looked like she was going to say something but changed her mind.

I have another appointment in 2 weeks which will probably be just as unproductive and am going to lose my mind. He hasn't felt for the baby at all. I have no idea what to do. He is a great person (good bedside manner and genuine) but he seems like a crappy doctor. He is also a friend of my father. I don't want to hurt anyone but if he doesn't figure out anything and give me proof at my next appointment I don't know what to do.

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Thanks Ianina, I actually had one of those with my son but unfortunately left it at my parents house when I moved across the country. It eased my mind several times I just thought they were more expensive than that and didn't even bother looking for one.
Aicha, I already have my next two appointments set up with him. One in 2 weeks and then one in a month with another ultrasound. If they don't work out and he doesn't prove to me how there is only one baby then I'm probably going to request someone else within the practice.
Emma, really I have no idea. Sometimes they are hiding behind eachother. My concern is that she said that he was measuring really small and yet I feel baby movement everywhere. I also feel hard lumps on opposite sides of my stomach with seperation in between. So either its more than one or there is something extremely wrong with me medically. Either way, I want to know and this doctor is just not listening.

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I would personally look for a new doctor this doctor sounds like a jerk if he isn't listening to your concerns and making you feel heard drop him and get a new doctor A.S.A.P.

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Ok...first things first :)

You need to realize something that took me awhile to cope with...Techs are just techs, they are not doctors and u/s is a practice and not a science. (scientist here talking who got really frustrated at an u/s and almost smack a tech). She can be wrong as much as you can be wrong.
Heart beats on babies might change. I'm pregnant with twins and baby A had a hear beat a little less stronger than baby B by week 9, normalized by week 14 and different again by week 20.

If you don´t like your doctor I strongly suggest you change it (I remember you have insurance issues and this was the only doc who agree to see you), but if you can't, tell him how you feel and that you need more support or that you need to be heard.

The other thing you can do, and trust me, this works really well with the whole "I am freaking out since I don´t know how the babies are". Go to amazon.com and order the doppler for listenting the baby heart. I have the Angelsounds (I think is like $26) which works great.

Put it in your belly and you should hear YOUR heart beat. When you get familiar with that, track your baby around your belly moving the dopple without lifting it up (so you can hear the diff between nothing and heart beat) Once you found it, search for baby B (since your guts tells you that you are carrying multiples) the same way you did with baby A. That way you will know for sure

Hope this helps you!
Good luck girl

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