Doctor is telling me to lose weight?.......

Crystal - posted on 02/08/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




Hi, I am 26 weeks pregnant with a very healthy, active little boy. My normal doctor is only a nurse midwife so she recommended that I see an actual doctor at my next visit since thats who would be at my delivery. So I went for an apt. with this doctor earlier this week and she made me feel horrible. I have always been overweight and all she talked about the whole 15 mins. she was in the room with me was that i am very very overweight. She actually told me that at the weight i am at right now many doctors would consider gastric bypass. I thought this was a little extreme because i am 283. Yes, that is overweight but don't you think she could have handled it a little better. It is all because i gained 10 lbs since my last visit 4 weeks ago. I don't know what to do now she scheduled me an apt. with a nutritionist and wants me to cut back my intake and actually lose 20 lbs before i deliver. I thought you weren't supposed to diet when you pregnant.......? Any advice PLEASE???


Michelle - posted on 02/08/2010





I had that type of dr , key word there , had !

I am not sure where you live , here it is cold as hell and hard to get out and get moving from the weather . However I myself have the same concerns for myself with my pregnancy and weight , I am not much less than what you weigh at 13 weeks . I have made it to a point since I have almost hit my second trimester and feel much better right now to move around as much as possible . I work at a desk all day , however , I work from home . I make sure to try to get as much house work done between calls as possible .

I have even started pre-cooking meals in foil pans . This helps prevent fast food . BOY am I bad with fast food and going out to eat on my lunch break just to get away from home/work . Even doing soup and salad lunches at restraunts is

Eat more smaller meals . I keep snacks on stand by that are healthier . The hungrier you are , the more chance of you over eating . For those sugar fixes , I weigh out what is going to give me that sugar /choc fix and not be such an empty calorie . Puddings have Milk in them , which I lack to start with , and is better than Icecream , comes in cheap to buy single servings and solves the sugar and chocolate fix and helps control portions .

Dehydrated friuts have their own sugars , gronolla bars , which you can fon 90 cal ones . It is still healtier to eat a reg one than a candy bar . The new freeze dried fruits are really YUMMY and have very little calories per serving .

I also try to grill or broil rather than fry . AND sauces are hard to stay away from like gravy ... I cook a LOT of home cooked style meals . I found that adding some seasonings to potatoes can be much yummier than gravy or allow you to use less gravy .

Water , water and more water . Yeah I know , me too ! I gave up my coke [soda pop ] habit . Even fruit juices or juices have a lot of empty calories in them . OJ is good for you , and yummy , but drinking a lot can give you more calories in a day than what you eat . I limit myself to the one cup of caff joe in the morning to boost me [other wise I am a dead mass all day ] , drink water all day then a non-caff soda a night with dinner . I hate water !!!! And sucks that with being morning sickness prone , soda nicely calms the belly !

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your nurse midwife won't be at your delivery? Is she going to be on vacation or something? My nursing midwife will be delivering my baby.

You should eat healthy while pregnant, and as far as cutting back on intake there's nothing wrong with cutting back some (you shouldn't do a huge amount because it's bad to loose weight too quickly).

I'm SO sorry that she was so rude about it. Is this your first pregnancy? I'm on my second, and to be honest I wish I had monitored how much I ate towards the end because I gained about 30-40 lb, which I haven't really been able to loose (it's been MUCH harder, even with breastfeeding). Please see the nutritionist with an open mind. Also try to make yourself motivated to actually make this a life style change so your child(ren) can learn from you and be healthy.

I'm not very far into my pregnancy but my husband is helping make sure I don't eat too much and I've been weighing myself every other day. I'm hoping to only gain a little weight. 10-15 lb at most.

Also, when you mention diet, you shouldn't do a diet that could make you loose weight too fast, or eat/take anything that is un-healthy for the baby.

Good luck!


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Emily - posted on 11/14/2013




Wow I have never heard a doctor say that. I am the same weight you are right now, only I'm not pregnant. I too have always been overweight. I was actually bigger than I am now when I got pregnant with both of my kids. But I lost weight because of me being really sick. I would get a second opinion honestly that is crazy for her to say that doctors would consider gastric bypass. Good luck.

Mary Renee - posted on 02/09/2010




The bottom line is you want to do what is best for your baby. Instead of taking what the doctor said personally, I would just concentrate on eating healthy. If you're 283 your body is already burning a lot more calories than someone that's 150 just to maintain that weight. Meaning you can still eat plenty for your baby with out gaining weight.

Think of everything you put in your mouth as either being good or bad for the baby. Your baby needs vitamins from fruits and vegatables, and protein and calcium. So don't neglect your fruit, vitamin, calcium or protein needs. But if you eat a lot of junk food, it's not going to benefit your baby. Empty caloriess aren't justified in this case. Having a twelve pounder is going to increase your chances of tearing (if you deliver vaginally) or increase the need for a c-section which means a longer recovery. I find that everytime I want a bag of cheetos I remind myself that I don't want to push a twelve pound baby out of my vagina - increasing both of our stress. Or if I really want some pudding, I get a side of fruit with it and eat the fruit first, so if I'm too full to finish the pudding, at least I filled up on fruit first. I'd rather have a nice and healthy seven and a half pounder.

Instead of focusing on your weight, focus on doing what is best for your baby. I think if you eat healthy you'll lose weight with out even thinking about it while still providing your baby with the appropriate nutrients. recommends only gaining 10-15 lbs for your entire pregnancy if you're already overweight.

But don't let me sound self righteous we all indulge every once in a while. I was average at the start of my pregnancy (115) and now I'm 29 weeks and 145! 30 pounds is generally recomended for your entire pregnancy and I still have two and a half months to go! Oops!

Megan - posted on 02/09/2010




I don't get it, I have always been overweight as well. But my doctor is telling me I need to gain weight!! The only problem is that since I have gotten pregnant all I seem to be able to do is lose weight!! I know that you should eat healthier and eat more frequent and smaller meals, and that is what I have been doing along with not working and spending my days at home.

Don't take anything personally though when it come to the doctor. They are just looking out for you and whats best for the baby. Don't base your health on the number on that scale though. Just try to live a healthy life by eating the right things and if you truely need to loose weight then the weight will come off on its own. Go for a walk a couple times a day and try walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator if possible. Walking the stairs will also help you prepare for all the pushing you will have to do later!!

Whatever you do, dont diet!! Just make healthy and smart choices.

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Grr. This isn't about 'weight' it's about getting the healthy nutrients to your baby. Do some research and see how the baby actually gets that nutrition. Stop focusing on the weight and be healthy. For your baby's sake, which is your sake also because you are symbiotic.

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Get a second opinion. Do NOT diet to lose weight when pregnant. You're starving your baby if you do. Yes, you are overweight, and you do need to lose it, but after baby. When you don't eat when you're pregnant, your baby gets malnourished. Get another opinion. The doctors you are seeing are not good enough if they say you need to lose weight right now. Healthy eating? Exercise? Yes, starving self? NO NO NO

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When a woman is over weight it is actually better for her to lose weight during her pregnancy, and even normal for this to happen. Dont worry your body has plenty for your baby to feed off of, even if you go on a HEALTHY diet. Though your doctor could of been a bit more tackful.

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The last thing you want to do while expecting is lose weight.
That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Even if you're overweight, maybe eating healthy and trying not to gain so much weight would be a good idea, although... Everybody is different and every woman has a different pregnancy and gains different amounts of weight.
Forget what the doctor said, as long as your blood pressure is okay, and you're feeling comfortable with yourself and the baby is healthy, who cares what they say about your weight, and do NOT diet!!!

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I weighed 285 lbs. on the day I delivered my son... no problems ever came up and my doctor NEVER mentioned my weight in a bad way! I would find another doctor if I were you. That was extremely unprofessional of her. Even though I started BOTH pregnancies at 230 lbs., the doctor told me that I still needed to gain weight (albeit not that much weight) to keep the baby healthy. I would also mention the lack of professionalism to either that doctor's boss or the hospital that she deliver's at.

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i know how you feel but my midwife is actually proud of me. when i first got pregnant i was pushing almost 300 but didnt look it. but during my first trimester i kept all my habits cuz i didnt wanna risk miscarriage. but i ended up loosing 25 lbs. but now that im in my finally 2 weeks i have maintained that weight. only gaining or loosing a pound. so through out my pregnancy i've stayed about 275. just ignore what your doctor says and as long as your baby looks and maintains healthy movements then i would say your ok. just dont eat as much food or sugars. splurging every once in a while as a treat seems ok with me. lol. but just try not to stress yourself out. most doctors try to tell people they need to loose weight. but i dont know if anyone else is like me and has thyroid disease and because of this its harder for me to loose weight, so dont sweat too much bout it.

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actually you are supposed to eat healthier when you're pregnant. it's just an old wive's tale of you needing to eat for two when you're expecting. i know it's hard but try not to take things too personally. what the doctor is advising you to do is for you and your baby's sake. there are possibilities of you having gestational diabetes which might kill your baby from inside. there is also the possibility of your blood pressure going up which is bad for you and your baby. i am 27 weeks pregnant and i'm 154 lbs. i also have to go on a diet since my doctor told me i'm already obese and i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (hypoglycemic). as a mother you need to make sure you're doing everything for your baby and that includes making sure you're healthy for the both of you. one thing i learned doing while pregnant was to eat more often in smaller portions and making sure i drink a lot of water. avoid too much sweets since that tends to make the baby grow faster and that might cause more problems during delivery. my doctor helped me understand how my diet affects my baby inside. she told me to think of the amniotic fluid as a sea of liquified sugar that my daughter engulfs. if the sugar content is too high, she tends to pee a lot inside. it also prevents her from absorbing nutrients she needs to grow and she will become more sickly once she's born. if you're that uncomfortable with how your doctor delivers her diagnosis, then find yourself another one... but always think that there isn't anything wrong with what she/he is trying to tell you. you need to be healthier for you and you're baby's sake.

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