does anybody have any natural remedies that actually work for severe morning sickness?

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Im experiencing some serious "all day" sickness not just morning lol and was wondering if anyone has any natural remedies for it? with my last two pregnancies I used Diclectin which didnt really help so I would like to try something different this time.


Catherine - posted on 06/03/2012




I had the same with pretty much all (5) of my pregnancies! Luckily for me, it would subside from about week 14, so that by about 16 weeks I usually felt good again.
I always said it felt like I had a hangover, but without the enjoyment of drinking the night before :)
I wasn't vomitting, just felt nauseas all day.
I found child-hood comfort, plain foods helped. For me that was cut-up granny smith apple, with some bite-size pieces of a tasty cheese to accompany it.
I also found that salt and vinegar chips seem to help - go figure!
Good luck!

Jodi - posted on 05/31/2012




I found that it helped if I sucked on candy... it took that yucky taste out of my mouth and made me less nauseous. I also used the pressure point bracelets and they helped too!


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Jessica - posted on 11/03/2016




I have been suffering from severe morning sickness and projectile vomiting and nothing was getting me fresh and soothe. I started drinking "no to morning sickness tea" that helped me a lot to get fresh and soothed me from morning sickness.

Kate - posted on 06/27/2012




Try ginger- most health food stores have ginger tea (the kind you get at the supermarket may not be actual ginger and it needs to be). Or if your feeling motivated buy ginger root, clean it, boil it for a long time and then use the water to make regular tea (or just drink it if you like ginger).

Some brand of ginger ale are made with real ginger (Canada dry is one) that might help too- and it's a lot less work :)

I have the same issue and i find that it helps a little- not a perfect cure, but something....

Ana - posted on 06/24/2012




I was like you during my fist pregnancy. Grapefruit ice cold helped me, not much else. My friend told me salt and vinegar chips helped her..

I had all day sickness from week 4 to week 20, weird how noting happend during the first 4 did go away, then I just felt like I ran a marathon everyday from week 20-40...wonderful...

Nicole - posted on 06/04/2012




I had severe hyperemisis with all 3 of my pregnancies. I always always chewed gum!!! it seemed to be the only thing that helped besides the combo of a zofran pump, reglan and phenegan. good luck to you! we all know how hard it is to feel crappy!

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