does this mean anything

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i did post this morning about the fact that about a hour after i has sex this morning i lost a yellow snot colour on my liner when i went loo, i spoke to my mw and she told me not to worri and she wil she me at my 40week visit tomorrow but i have just gone to the loo agen and lost a little more when i wiped any idea girls?? sorri for tmi and tia x


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Dori - posted on 04/29/2012




i had that with my last baby we had been intamate went to the "loo" an had the goo thing to a hour later the pains started and 3 hours later my baby girl lol the magic is in the husbands "deposit" lol ithas the same hormones as what they put on your cervic to dialate so no sex may not bring on labor but when you are that close to due date it can speed it up ALOT lol good luck to you

Sarah - posted on 04/26/2012




As the others say it's the plug coming away, labour could start anytime from now but it could be a couple of days just relax as much as you can and make sure your bags are packed just in case. Good luck

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since the 2nd bit i lost i have had really bad back ache at the very bottom of my back reli gurts that moving feels like my back is going to break :( but thank u for comment hun, Bag is all packed and waiting :) lol x

Louise - posted on 04/26/2012




It is the plug coming away. It is quite common and nothing to worry about. It is a sure sign you are going into labour within the next couple of days. Normally the waters will break a lot easier without the plug. Just carry on doing what you are doing but make sure you are packed and ready to go as you are ready to pop!

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