Due date in 2 days.... Scared to deliver

Camille - posted on 11/20/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm due in 2 days. I have read books, taken classes, and talked to friends about delivery. But I don't think anything will really prepare you for the big day until you actually experience labor. I've been having contractions, ouchhhhhhh..... Lol I'm scared to death but deep breathing through it. Please god help me get through this...women have been doing this since the being of time. :)


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Hi camile I am not expecting right now but I have 3 girls each of whom I delivered naturally with no pain relief at all (I am a self confessed whimp who faints when i have a tempory filling) so if I can do it you can and if I hurt that bad I wouldn't have gone back a 2nd let a lone a 3rd. Now I'm not saying it isn't painful because it is but it is a different type of pain and well wow look at the reward at the end! My advice would be listen to your midwife do exactly what you are told, don't panic and don't scream that's just waisted energy that could be used somewhere else and take pain meds if you need them.

Good luck you will do fine :) and I bet it won't be your last too.


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Momma Of 4 - posted on 11/21/2012





The best advice I ever got was "Listen to the Nurses and your Doctor." I gave birth to my son in March 2009. I am also expecting this coming March.

Try and be as calm as you can. If you don't have a birthing plan, make one NOW. Decide if you would like medication, or not.... And look up some positions you can use while in labour to ease your pains. When contracting, concentrate on a SPOT... I found some old screw holes in the ceiling and I concentrated on those. Think happy thoughts... think about how worth the pain is to hold your brand new baby in your arms. Even bringing soothing music or pictures to help set the mood. Have your spouse rub you where it hurts and remember to breathe.

I hope some of this helps.

Good luck and remember, in the end... you will have a baby to love forever!

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