EPT test very faint positive line..need some input!

Mallory - posted on 11/13/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok Ladies I am in a pickle! I had my son in April 2012, I breastfed so I did not have a period until last month (October 4-9) it was a regular full on period. I only am able to breastfeed once or twice in a the evening and nights, and my husband and I do have regular intercourse without precaution. We are not trying to get pregnant, but by no means are we preventing it. So here I am a period that is late, before my son I had a 28-30 day cycle, so my period would have been here I am about 5-7 days late and still no period! I thought I might be pregnant, we had intercourse right around ovulation time, so I took a pregnancy test on the 1st, negative, again on the 4th, negative, and again on the 8th negative again. I took an EPT test on the 12th which had a very faint, almost not sure it was there, positive line. I took another this morning and the line was a little more prominent but still very very faint. Has anyone else had results like these with EPT? I think that since I am now 9 days late on my period the positive result would be much more prominent and I would not have to second guess it.

I have no unusual stress or illness nor any other reason to delay the period. So I was wondering if maybe it decided to stop again since I only have had one since my son was born 7 months ago or if breastfeeding once or twice in the evening is enough to stop the period (This is not new, I actually breastfed 9-10 times a day while supplementing until 4 months and slowly have had to reduce it)? Any input? I appreciate all!

Thank you all!



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Char - posted on 11/14/2012




Check with your doctor. I did EPT and also got the faint line turns out I was 8 weeks along. Good Luck!

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