Father of baby left me to visit family for 3 months when I'm 5 months pregnant!

Karrie - posted on 12/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Father left me and went back to Venezuela for 3 months to be with family! I'm 5 months pregnant and just got diagnosed with complete Placenta Previa. I need his help but he left me to work 40 + hours a week and he quit his job. He has not emailed or called in weeks asking how the baby is. I had to transfer back to Atlanta from Orlando to get family help because he is not here to help me. I feel if he is not here to help me now will he be here to help when the baby is born? Should I put his name on the birth certificate? I feel very depressed as I'm working and having complications with my pregnancy while he is in his country spending time with his family and friends when I need him the most. What would you do in the situation? I begged him not to leave me but he said his Mother spent $1600 on his plane ticket and he has to go. I even tried to compramise with him and asked him to go for 2-3 weeks and I would pay his Mom back the $1600 but he said no. I feel like he does not care about the baby or I.


Char - posted on 12/04/2012




I am sorry to hear you are going through such a difficult time. One thing you may have to face is that you may have to be mom and dad to this baby. The fact that he has not called may be an indication of where his loyalties lie right now. You are so blessed to have your family with you to support you through your pregnancy. Absorb their love and support. This is supposed to be a great experience for you, try not to waste it worrying about him and focus on your health and the baby's health. I know it will be hard but you will be a much stronger woman because of your experience. Take care and keep your head up.

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