Fed up with predictions. Do you get them?

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Okay, my pregnancy is going to be a surprise. We weren't able to find out the sex, it was hiding it LOL. So everyone is determined to be some kind of pregnancy prediction expert. Like the size, shape, look high, look low type of belly that they can determine the sex. First months it was what I craved and eat, then when belly shows, people are just geniuses to know what sex it will be. I am so fed up! What kind of crazy things people have been telling you?

I know some of you know what sex it will be, some people I know thought they knew but it came out the other sex. Do you have that doubt? or do you have full faith that the doctor is right?


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Katherine - posted on 06/08/2011




I was fairly volumptuous before I got pregnant. So, when I started showing, people kept telling me it was going to be a girl, because I was getting big all around. I'm also carrying very high, if you can tell from my picture. I also crave sugar. Girl right? They were all convinced it was going to be a girl. It isn't. Now the ultrasound could be wrong, but the picture we got was pretty clear.

Stevie - posted on 05/25/2011




So annoying isn't it? All the women at work did was go on about oh you're eating so much it must be twins oh you're eating chocolate it's a boy oh you want pop it's a girl you're carrying high it's a boy then someone says no it's high if it's a girl, then it's all up front so it's a boy no it's all going to your ass so it's a girl. I was so glad to go on maternity leave so I didn't have people telling me bull crap all day long. Im annoyed just remembering it haha! This pregnancy has been peaceful because I never went back to work :p

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I worked with a woman who was just ConVINCED I was having a girl...I was carrying SO high. WhatEVER.
A woman from my church came in and saw me at work one day, she told me I am carrying so HIGH...it just MUST be a boy!
The woman I worked with and the lady from church started to actually BICKER about which way it was supposed to be. I excused myself and went to find another candybar.
You are gonna hear it all...and you are going to continue hearing it after the baby's born too.
Apparently, I missed out on my horrible heartburn, my son was born with a head FULL of hair.

Susan - posted on 05/13/2011




Before i found out what i was having (suppose to be a girl we will see by july) i was told over and over again i was having another boy becuz of the way i am carrying is the exactly the same way i did with my son. I dont base the sex on any old wives tales or predictions or even the ultrasound this time becuz the baby was moving way too much to get a good picture of that area i base it on what i have dreamed about (both pregnancys i have had dreams about the unborn child) with my son i dreamed i was having a boy and with this one i dreamed i am having a girl. Hopefully my dreams are right this time too even tho im not too concerned if it isnt cuz i still have all my sons clothes ( he is 15 months) and the recipits for everything pink i have bought.

Melissa - posted on 05/10/2011




My ultrasound says that I am having a girl, but I have known too many people that go buck wild and buy all gender specific stuff and it turns out to be the opposite, so I just buy basic things that are gender neutral till I know for sure. I have always trusted my gut though and it has never let me down. This time though, my mother INSISTS that I am having a boy and now she has me doubting myself. I just wish that people would stop trying to tell me what sex im having or how many im having. *sigh* We have enough to deal with while being pregnant. That stuff doesnt help.

Candace - posted on 05/06/2011




With my first one everyone said it was a boy. I had a feeling it was a boy... well ultrasound proved it was a boy. Born a little boy. My second.... I thought little boy. Others thought little girl only because they wanted me to have a little girl. Ultrasound proved little boy. With 3D it is kind of obvious if you ask me. Again, born a little boy. Pregnant with 3rd. Can't find out for another 7 weeks. Believing it is again another little boy myself. My husband tries to say we are having a little girl. To me I think he guess is based on wishful thinking. Don't get me wrong I want a little girl but I just don't feel I am having one. But since the ultrasounds have never lied to me I believe in them. And at first we couldn't find out with my first at 20 weeks but they sent me back at 25 weeks to find out. And no one can guess with this one because I have decided to keep it a secret. When I find out what it is then I am going to think about sharing my news with everyone.To me it just seemed smarter to wait instead of letting them drive me insane with their constant guessing in which most were wrong.

Katie - posted on 05/05/2011




I hate it when people look at you and declare "it's a girl." Traditionally when your carrying a girl you are supposed to gain more weight everywhere and lose your waistline completely whereas with a boy you are said to carry all in the front. So if someone looks at me and says it's a girl (especially when I KNOW it is a boy, I have three very graphic pictures that leave no doubt as to the gender) I get kind of offended. Then again everything offends me at the moment... I am 28 weeks pregnant but due to a fair amount of extra fluid I measure at about 35 weeks. I am gigantic, but it's all in the belly. If one more person asks me how overdue I am, or when my due date WAS I think I'll scream! I know that people are generally approaching you with the best of intentions and not in a spiteful fashion, but at the moment I am having trouble being very understanding. Sorry, got off on a tangent there,

Amy - posted on 05/04/2011




Doctor? nah. Ultrasound machine? nah. When it comes out is when I'll know for sure what it is. I craved sweets with both girls and salty stuff and meat like mad with my son. Could mean zip for any other mothers, though. No predictions are accurate. Wives tales are just tales. And.....whoever guesses sure has good odds 50/50 chance of getting it right! lol.

Cyndel - posted on 05/03/2011




I'm team green out of choice, but I haven't had much problems with that this time around.
With my first I was convinced it was a boy, and it was, but the moment I said that I got one of two reactions, either someone was kind and said something along the lines of 'well I hope you get what you want', or they would say 'well it probably is a girl then'. Grrr. I didn't say I was 100% sure, just a hunch...and my hunches are pretty good. He was a boy...still is in fact.
This time around I again think we are having a boy, but aren't sure of course. We'll find out in a few weeks. I have only had two people guess, both said girl (the people who guessed with my DS before asking what I thought also said girl, I only got one boy prediction...lol) So I'm guessing I'm having a boy again lol!
Yes it gets frustrating, but for a lot of people it is just an amusing pass time...plus people assume (partly right in my case) that all pregnant women think and talk about is their pregnancy, so gender guessing etc is a pretty not too personal line of conversation.

Chrissie - posted on 05/02/2011




I really hate it when people don't just say "I think it's a girl" or "I think it's a boy" It's 'Oh you're carrying this way' or oh, the baby is high it must be a...' If people want to make guesses fine, but when people use the way I am carrying as a way to judge what I'm having it's kinda irritating.. =[
The only time I will invest excitement in what someone says, is when the ultra sound tech says the magic words. And even then, there always the possibility that it's not what they said.

♥TIA♥ - posted on 04/29/2011




Thanks you Kristine. It's pretty frustrating. But after your post, Wow, that is more than I ever heard. I always think a mothers heart knows best. I feel it's a boy.

Kristine - posted on 04/27/2011




with my most recent pregnancy I used some of the old wives tales....like hang your wedding ring on a string to see how it swings, (mine went round and round), carried high (untill last trimester anyway), chinese calender, even magic 8 ball....lol. All said it's a girl, but the spread eagle pic on my ultrasound is very clear that it is a boy!! We were unable to find out with my first, and peoples predictions drove me a little crazy, but I just "felt" in my heart it was a girl....turns out I was right. I would just look at people and say " I guess we will see in ____months!" Congrats on your pregnancy, and good luck!!

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