Getting induced but high chance it will end in a C-Section. Help!!! I'm terrified!!!!

Elizabeth - posted on 04/12/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




So I've had a high risk pregnancy due to low amniotic fluid. It had gone up and everything looked great. Then at my sono last Wednesday it had gone down quite a bit again and my obgyn said if it still is this week then she is inducing me. I had my regular appt this morning and the amount of contractions was ridiculus( I have a non-stress test each week) while on the monitor. I've been having contractions for 2 months now and they are increasing as well as getting more painful. Though I have a sono on Wednesday, she went ahead and did one herself. The fluid has gone up a little but she said she still will want to induce to prevent it from going any lower. She also discussed the labor. She said our daughter looks amazing but since there has been low fluid she can't say that the baby will do well with a vaginal birth. She is going to let me try but chances are high I will end up having a C-section. I'm 37 weeks btw with my first baby.

I loath the idea of a C-section. I'm almost 25 so I'm still young and have always been thin/fit and love wearing a bikini. I don't want a disgusting, noticable scar on my stomach or to lose all my muscle tone. I've always had naturally toned abs and work out to make them even better. I've heard having a C-section can make you never have tone again and I've seen pictures of tummys looking saggy and wrinkled like a 80 year old woman's would and that also makes me sick to my stomach. Also, the thought of being cut open and my tummy being peeled back freaks me out to the point of an anxiety attack. I'm so unhappy/scared right now.

Any advice on how to prepare for a C-section if it happens(which it probably will)? How do I get past the anxiety? How do I avoid post-partdum(sp?) depression because of my unhappiness over having something I don't want? How do I not lose all my self esteem from the scar and possible loss of muscle tone I've always been proud of having?

I'm a complete mess and need help!!! I only will have untill Thursday or Friday to get ready for this and that's just a few days away :( :( :(


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I had a c-section with my 1st daughter. It was an emergency c-section, so i didn't have a choice. 1. You don't feel anything when they do the c-section. 2. The spinal to numb wasn't that bad at all, I didn't feel a thing when they did it. 3. Aside from being itchy now & then...the scar isn't that bad, a bit noticeable, but nothing massive. 4. a c-section does cause the muscles to go numb...HOWEVER, it doesn't make it impossible for them to be toned. It make it a bit harder to tone, but it's not impossible. I know exactly how you feel tho, I didn't know that a c-section was going to happen until they were going to do it because my daughter's umbilical chord was wrapped around her neck twice & her heart rate kept dropping. I know it's scary to think definitely is. But I promise it will be ok. It takes a bit longer to heal...but I didn't have any trouble healing or anything. I hope this helps hun & best of luck! Congratulations on your first baby :)

Jenna - posted on 04/15/2010




The scar really isn't that bad ... if yout ake care of it properly when you get home from the hospital it will nearly disapper. The scar I have left is so tiny and light that half the time I can't even see it unless I'm in the right light. The key is to keeping the scar dry in the weeks after the surgery and using a good moisturizer (Jergens Ultra Healing worked awesome for me) twice day - once in the morning and once at night when I was able to start applying it.

Tracey - posted on 04/14/2010




for starters take a few deep breaths. as a lot of people have mentioned doctors are getting better with the scar. i have one and its very low. i mean i bought a small bikini nd you still would not see it. as for the c-section you wont see anything and i was so numb that i felt maybe a little tug but mostly it felt like someone was rubbing me. oh and as for your tummy. if you did not put on a ton of weight with your pregnancy then getting back in shape should not be a problem. if your worried about the wrinkled and nasty looking tummy, i have advice on that. when you got pregnant you put the weight on over a nine month period so take your time in loosing it. eat right, and exercise but don't over do it. if you drop it all at once you might have the funky tummy. a friend of mine put on a ton of weight and dropped it quick and her tummy scared me. i took my time and my tummy looked fine, plus i did not want to over do it cuz i did have a c-section. i know you will want to get back to having your belly back. but just work at it but not like try for immediate results and you don't have to wait forever, but you want to take your time. its good for your belly and good for your health. and remember all will go well. your doctor will take good care of you and just think you will be bringing home a beautiful baby girl

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I had to have an emergency c-section since the cord was wrapped around my daughters head, and I was terrified going down the hall knowing I was going to have an ugly scar. At the time, I was 18 and I've been fit ever since I can remember. Thankfully, you can't even see my scar. Tell your doctor that you want to have stitches, not staples! And if he/she can, to sew you from the inside out, that way the scar grows inward, not outward leaving a baggy look on you. And the scar is very low, even wearing a bikini, you can't see it. Hope this helps you and good luck! I hope you can have your child naturally!

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dont be so alarmed, i have had a c section and i have the smallest scar you wouldnt even know i had a baby, they open along the pelvis these days so my scar is actually hidden by my undies its private! as for a saggy tummy well if you fit and naturally toned you should be able to have that figure back in no time really the skin may get wrinkly if you have stretched abit much when the babys grown in you tummy, i didnt thankgodness with my first child anyway i have no clue how i'll be this time im only around 8 wks and already showing. have you discussed all these worries with your doctor?? im sure you'll be fine, goodluck

Haylli - posted on 04/12/2010




You will have nothing to worry about if you have a c-section, I am also acustomed to bikinis and was prego with twins so being high risk aswell they came early at 31 wks via c-section.

I do have to say the docs are amazing and my scar is so low and un noticable its great back in the bikini I go. I think you'll do just fine expecially if you a person who is in shape regularly then you will heal nicely just do what the doc says not to much activity for the 6 wks then go for it. I am expecting again in 2.5 months so I really didnt have time to heal yet before getting prego again, that scar i think will be worse but the initial one is so small you would be able to see it even in a little

I was rushed into it so mentaly I didnt have time to prepare but honestly it isnt as bad as some may say, and having a c-section will not make you any more saggy than just giving birth, i know you have to wait longer to start getting back into shape but your belly will be saggy regardless which way you deliver thats just the way itis. but it will go away, and i think by the sounds of you your pretty motivated to get rid of it and you will.

I understand also about the anxiety, but when you see your baby you'll be very proud of even the littliest scar cause thats what it took to meet your little one. I used to be in great shape and now well that will deffinently take some time to get back but i wouldnt change anything, 2 c-sections and 3 healthy babies if thats what it costs i'll take it.!

I hope all goes well for you and you get to end up doing what you want but if for some reason that dont happen , I trust that you will fair well because if its ment to be then its ment to be, and you will be back to you old self soon enough.:)

best of luck and congats on your first child they are great!

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