girl's name question about "Macy"

Ursula - posted on 07/01/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




We are considering Macy as one of our top choices so far, but when we looked up the meaning, we found out it means "weapon"!! What's up with that? Is it wrong that I still really like it and think it's so cute? What would you do?


Jennifer - posted on 07/06/2010




I love the name Macy! I only know one person by that name, and she is the most timid and sweet girl ever. I wouldn't let the meaning of it get in the way of choosing it. :)

Loren - posted on 07/01/2010




well put it this way when i meet someone new i dnt whip out a name meaning book n judge them lol i like the name macy its very cute i wldnt worry about the meaning of a name alot of people arent worried about the meaning but if it makes u feel betr u cld find something along the lines of macy for the birth cert then just call macy as a nickname


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Andrea Elaine - posted on 06/29/2014




My daughter's name is Macy Elaine. I learned the name Macy means "enduring". Elaine means "light". I do believe in the meaning of names. She truly is an "enduring light". She will be 20 very soon. She is strong in mind, body, and spirit. She is not condemning in words, nor compromising in what she believes. She is loved by most. She was born an old soul. Everyone comments that she parents me. She is above and beyond mature. She is invited to every party and rarely attends. She loves her free time, but chooses to read, enjoy movies and music, can crochet & sew(I can't), performs local theater, plays guitar & sings.....and did I mention she's almost a black belt in Shotokan Karate. Black belt will be her next exam! Her Sensei prides himself in teaching her. She has been the only girl in his class for many years, however, she has sparked an interest among younger girls and has assisted teaching them. She has won 1st place in two competitions. She was the only girl in both competitions. Her Sensei said she would most likely be underestimated. She is 5'10'' and weighs 113lbs. Her Sensei understands being underestimated...he is 5'3" and in his 50s. She has worked at our public library for almost 4 yrs. She is attending college now. All of this said, Macy has been a wonderful name! Her father chose it from a genealogy book from my family. As a toddler she thought the Macy's Day Thanksgiving parade was just for her...she still claims it is! It is wonderful having my daughter as my best friend! I am blessed! Blessings to all Macys and their families!

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I have a daughter named Macy. It also can mean gift of God derived from Matthew. I think name meanings are important, they can help influence who the person is. Although it is not definitive to who the person becomes. I've met plenty of people who don't have the characteristics of whaat there name means. I like the fact that my Macy means weapon and gift from God. I hope that she is used in Gods kingdom as a weapon against evil.

Ursula - posted on 07/14/2010




Thanks everyone! I agree that we don't have to go with the weapon meaning. I have found at least 5 others now! One of them means "Place of Maccius," who it turns out is a playwright from the 200 BC's ! Only thing is now we are considering Natalie, another one of our favorites! We'll keep you posted....

Rebecca - posted on 07/14/2010




A mace is a medieval weapon that is basically a huge iron ball with spikes protruding all around it on the end of an iron handle. Pretty much people used it to smash each other's skulls in.

There might be another meaning out there, keep looking and maybe look under different ethnicities/origins to see if it means different things in other languages.

I think it is a cute name, no matter what it means.

Sarah - posted on 07/13/2010




I still think its a really pretty and petite sounding name. Its cute. And the meaning "weapon" isnt such a bad thing either, she could be a strong little fighter :) I'd stick with it if you're really keen on it.

Kristy Lee - posted on 07/13/2010




i love macy its soooo cute, i like uncommon names, we have Ivy Elizabeth for our daughter :) we love it bcoz its not like all the ella's and ava's that are EVERYWHERE!!! stick with macy bcoz not many pple will have it, :)

Lauren - posted on 07/01/2010




I don't put a lot of stock into the meaning of the name we chose. We really just chose what we liked and didn't think too much about the meaning!

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