Had some complications, and considered high risk pregnancy.

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I am due September 10th. Around 7 weeks I had really heavy bleeding and feared I was having a miscarriage. I had an ultrasound that day and baby still had a heartbeat. A week later I had a follow up ultrasound and everything still looked just fine, the bleeding had also stopped. Well yesterday (Feb 16th) at 10 weeks4 days I was waiting for my OB in the exam room, I started cramping really bad for about 5-10 min, then there was another gush of blood =/ My doctor looked horrified at the amount of blood and immediately sent me to have an ultrasound. That's when we found out the bad news :( The placenta was more than half way detatched from the uterine wall, there was a large hematoma behind the placenta and the placenta was covering my cervix (placenta previa). Baby still had a heartbeat of 120 bpm but seemed a bit distressed, and my cervix was still closed. My doc scheduled me to have another ultrasound today, and well, it's a miracle! Almost everything has fixed itself! The placenta moved up and isn't covering my cervix, the hematoma is gone, and there is only a little portion of the placenta that is still seperated. The doc did see some blood clotting and there is a spot where the membranes have seperated from the uterus. Baby was bouncing around and had a wonderful heartbeat of 180 bpm! My doc said most likely I will go into preterm labor because of the membranes being seperated, but it could fix itself. Scientifically everything that ''fixed'' its self over night is impossible, this little baby is a fighter and a miracle. Please keep my baby in your thoughts and prayers. I would like to make it full term, but I would take a preemie baby over no baby any day!


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Congrats girl, that is a miracle! I'm happy that everything is going well for you and the baby :)
Best of luck to both of you

Danielle - posted on 02/18/2011




Thank you ladies! It is amazing! I also appreciate your thoughts and prayers :)

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Wow thats amazing!!! I will keep your little one in my prayers. I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues smoothly.

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Fingers crossed everything goes well for you. Take it easy and make sure you accept help when you need it. Good luck :-)

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