has anyone had a pos result on the quad test screening for birth defects?

Stacey - posted on 03/30/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have had 2 blood test, both coming bac positive for high risk of carrying a baby with down syndrome. I go for a high res ultrasound within the next week, but I am scared to death for my lil baby. I understand these test are not 100%, and have lots of false positives. I am 35, which in itself put me at higher risk for having a baby with downs...has anyone else run into this????


Libby - posted on 03/30/2009




Yes, I have had positive results in 2 pregnancies.  Keep in mind the results are telling you what your child is "high risk" for...it doesn't mean they have it for sure.  In my first pregnancy it said my son was high risk for spinabifida.  After many ultrasounds it was determined he did NOT have it.  However, if he had it, I would've wanted to know because labor is a stressful thing on a baby with a hole in their back so I would've needed a c-section.  Luckily he didn't have it.  I don't remember getting any results back in my 2nd pregnancy, so I guess I didn't.  In my 3rd pregnancy I got results back that said my daughter was high risk for down syndrome.  My doctor told me he didn't see any of the visuals signs of this in ultrasound like low lying ear and shorter limbs.  But the only way to be sure would be an amnio.  I refused because I was already having a complicated pregnancy and didn't want to introduce any more risk to the pregnancy for an outcome that couldn't be changed anyway.  Plus, my placenta was in front, so the chances of coming too close to that and causing it harm were too high for me to risk.  However, my daughter was stillborn at 20 weeks.  I had a lot of bleeding during that pregnancy and it eventually harmed the placenta and it stopped working for her and she lost all of her fluid.  When she was born she looked perfect.  I refused an autopsy so I don't know for sure that she didn't have downs.  But again, I must stress that the quad screen is just to tell you what the baby is at "high risk" for, not telling you what they have for sure.  They check your blood for your hormone levels and what not and come up with this test to determine these things.  Keep in mind it is not your baby's blood and it is not a definite answer.  I am currently pregnant with my 4th child and even though I have had atleast one false positive, I will have the quad screen again.  Better safe than sorry.  Plus, I know the high rate of false positives, so I don't stress over the results without getting MORE information first!  Good luck!


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Izzi - posted on 07/08/2016




Hello, my baby girl is 4 months old. Recently my friend had a baby and said her doc believed her baby had downs. They're getting a genetic screening this week. She explained to me the markers of downs and my daughter has a few. I'm now worrying myself sick and need answers. I was wondering if anybody knew how much a genetic screening would cost? I'm 18 and don't have a pocket full of hundreds. Please reply back soon

Stacey - posted on 04/13/2009




I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply to you wonderful ladies! Thank you so much for your input/advice. Update is that we have the ultrasound and it was neg..or they saw no signs of downs or any other birth defects. I am still at a risk rate of 1 in 66 but I'll take those odds any day! I was offered an ammino but decided against it seeing as my baby is here to stay so it doesn't matter...it's just a little scary. That along with the risk was just a no brainer for us. It does make me feel better that others have gone through this with pos testing and healthy children being the result. Thanks for everything ladies, you all are wonderful!

Libby...God bless you and your daughter. I am so sorry for your loss. If there is ever anything you need please let me know! Good luck with your pregnancy!

Brooke - posted on 04/06/2009




So far I have been blessed, but my supervisor at work told me her last child came up pos for all the tests, so she was prepared to have a child with Downs, but she had a healthy baby boy with nothing wrong.

Stephanie - posted on 03/31/2009




i know its terribly difficult, but try not to get to worried until they do some more checking..i have decided not to have the quad screening done in my current pregnancy because of the high likelyhood of false reults.

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