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I have a question im hoping to be a father but im lost my girlfriend told me she was pergnant ok when I showed some pictures to my friends of her belly it was sticking it wasn't big but you can she pergnant and all shes been doing is eating when my friends seen the pictures and I told them the dates from July 20 2013 to now September 14 2013 they all told me is wasnt mine some said her belly is to big for it to be mines she lieing to you and that really hurts my feelings this will be my first baby me and my girlfriend argue alot when I bring up to her what my friends said she crys we done broke up im asking her is it mines and she tell me over and over I swear its yours and all I do is cry how would I until the baby is born I really want it to be mines please lady's im begging what should I do she told me she was 13 weeks but when I count back the dates its seems to not add up can she even say having a belly showing from the dates I gave y'all can somebody please answer me before I go crazy


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First day of her last period will be the beginning of her cyle. Women average ovulation around 14 days after the first day of cycle. This is for women with a normal 28 day cycle. So when a pregnancy is calculated the 2 weeks before conception is included. It can take up to 12 days after ovulation for implantation to occur. So sex might have occured on her 12 - 16 day of her cycle and she didn't actually become pregnant until 12 days later but when calculating the weeks of pregnancy they wpill include the whole cycle. Meaning the pregnancy will start with the first day of her ycle.And by the time a period is missed it is usually at the 4 week mark. If I confused you. Which I probably did, go with her to the obgyn and have the doc explain it all. It isn't complicated but kinda confusing. And pls stop letting you r friends put ideas in your head.

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If you really love her then trust her. be there for her during this time as her emotions are high. When the baby is born and it is yours you will be happy you stuck by her during the pregnancy. if if it not yours and you do a DNA test when the baby is born then you know that you did all you can for her because you love her. Right now it is hard as you can get emotional as well but remember you need to be strong for her and ask the doctors when would she had gotten pregnant. don't rely on those friends as every pregnancy is different. Having a big belly or not doesnt mean it is not yours. good luck!

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Go to the doctor with her. Get him to explain the dates etc.
don't stress out. That's not good for anyone, baby included.

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Dude calm down! Stop asking her those questions, you're hurting yourself and you're hurting her! When someone's pregnant they're more emotional than ever before! She might said that she is 13 weeks pregnant, but maybe she got pregnant by you before! Every pregnancy is different and if her belly is growing too fast then she might be having twins or the baby is just going to be big! Like I said every pregnancy is different and sometimes even the doctors get the due dates wrong! So calm down, don't ask her things like that again and let's hope that you are the dad! I'm not saying that she might cheated on you!
God bless!

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