Hello, I'm 34 weeks as per LPG whereas the scans show about 30-32 weeks development. This makes me doubtful if my actual date of conception is later than the recorded. Right now the fetal weight is 1.4kg with allll other conditions normal. I would like to continue my pregnancy for at least 42 weeks as per LPG (if no risks are involved) to give the baby some more time to grow especially if my recorded dates are incorrect. Please can I have some suggestions from moms with similar experience. Your help is much appreciated, btw this is my 1st pregnancy and I myself have a small build..


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Noor - posted on 05/25/2012




Thank you Rachel. and may u have a beautiful #5 experience. My doc said they may decide to induce birth at 37weeks. Which i'm not ok with. I want it to be natural, what ever week it may be (especially if my dates are incorrect). It doesn't matter though, with just about a month to go, the hosp has refused to handle my delivery. So now I've got to find another one!!!

Rachel - posted on 05/25/2012




I was going in for surgery and happened to find out i was expecting.. they measured my baby and told me my due date was Nov 22nd but my last ultra sound my baby measured bigger putting my due date Nov 17th however my Dr will not change it. As long as you make it to 37 weeks your baby is considered full term.. You cant make yourself stay pregnant at that point in time.. when your baby is ready to come he/she will be in your arms. I am expecting baby #5 this fall.. =)

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