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I NEED ADVICE!!! I'm a first time mom, 5 months pregnant, I will be 18 in 2 weeks (I know I'm young, please don't judge, I'm already graduated and had the same job for 2 steady years) my boyfriend constantly smokes weed, talks to other girls, I have caught him cheating on me with three girls and three different times, and once caught him lying and doing pills with his friend that made him stay up for days at a time. he thinks he is going to take my to court and get custody of my son because he has a better job than me, keep in mind we both still live with our parents but hes going on 21 years old. he wants to get an apartment for us and our son, but I cant trust him enough to ever want to move in with him. he works at a pawn store and makes like $12 an hour. he says since I live with my mom and he plans to get his own place, he has a better chance at custody. ive never done drugs in my life. I have screenshots of him admitting to smoking weed a lot, and its all over his social media pages, which I also have screenshots of. about 2 years ago he got into a really bad wreck and was under the influence of alcohol and 2 separate types of drugs (I don't know the names of them) he ended up getting sent to lauralwood which is the region’s largest private, not-for-profit, free-standing hospital dedicated to the stabilization and treatment of individuals with mental illness and/or substance abuse; instead of jail time. I planned to start college at the college I was accepted into this august but found out I was pregnant and decided to wait a year so I can focus on my pregnancy. I graduated with a 100% clean record and straight A's. he is saying he will stop drugs long enough to pass a test and get our son, his moms house is a little bigger than mine, but I know id actually care for our son, and take time to take him to the doctor and everything a mother should. I also plan to brestfeed, which cant happen if he get custody. I'm absolutely terrified. I know I haven't don't anything wrong but this is my first child and I have absolutely no idea how these things work. we have only been together about 8 months (again, please don't judge) and we aren't even engaged, I'm looking for anyone who has been through this or something like this to PLEASE help me. I truly don't know what to do.


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I'm so sorry for your problems. I think that you are wise to avoid moving in with your boyfriend...this is just too risky. Please try not to be intimidated by him, he is just trying to control you with fear. It would be a really good idea to see a need to protect yourself and your baby. There are lawyers available for those who are in a financially difficult situation. Focus on the Family can provide free phone consultation with a licensed counselor. If interested, their number is 855-382-5433. Hang in there! I'll be praying for you!

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