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i have been having painful contractions for past 4 days with really bad period pain and back ache i am 4cm dilated but not dilating anymore i keep getting sent home from the hospital saying to have a bath and try and get some sleep but how can you sleep through the contractions i am 41 weeks and 5 days pregnant what can help me dilate so i can get this baby out i cant cope any longer


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Nikki - posted on 12/09/2010




If you choose to have sex, he has to finish as it is the prostoglandins in the semen that help you dilate.

You can eat licorice, it is something about it that makes your body produce more oxytocin.

Also, you can try accupressure, when you contract, pinch the webbed part of your pand between thumb abd forefinger as close to the bone as you can. and rub in circles. wait for one minute after your contraction is finished and themn pinch it again for about 30 seconds. if you are beginning labor, this can help regulate contractions.

LaCrisha - posted on 12/07/2010




darling theres a chance u may not dialate any more i was this way with my first child and they ended up doing c section my son wldnt of came down any ways cause his cord was wrapped around him twice so that was my problem. i wld go back and tell them they need to induce u know. (if u get upset more then likely they will keep u cause ur bp will rise)

Autumn - posted on 12/04/2010




They should be inducing you because you are in labor which they consider active after 4cm and 2 you are almost 42 weeks I had to scream at my Midwife with my second baby cause he was almost 3 weeks late I would go back to the doctor!

Heather - posted on 12/04/2010




They say sex helps thin your lining to assist with putting you into labor, walking may increase your contractions.....whatever you do....DO NOT try castor oil, all that will buy you is a very long bathroom trip. I cant believe that you are almost 42 wks and they havent already kept you and put you on a small pitocin drip or something to help move it along!

Vanessa - posted on 12/04/2010




I'm wondering why they wont put you on the drip to move things along a bit hunny! Your bub is well and truly cooked!
I took a walk at 4cm's dilated and 5hrs later my girl was delivered.... get them to break your waters even if a drip isn't an option!
good luck!!

Emma - posted on 12/03/2010




go back to the hospital say you cant cope anymore and ask them to induce you chicl as you are well overdue

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