How big was your baby's head circumference at birth?

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I'm pregnant with my second baby. Last time after 23 hours of labour they told me that it had been a trial of labour all along. They figured my pelvis was too narrow for baby to fit thru. They said if baby didn't come within the next half to 3/4 hour it was time for a c section. I pushed like crazy when I heard that and baby came quite quickly actually. They were amazed. I only had 2 stitches. So yeah once I finally was dilated it didn't take real long. Baby was positioned wrong too, she was on her side instead of face down. She had a major cone head. Anyway if this baby is bigger will I be able to get it thru my pelvis? I'm freaking out. Her head circumference was 33.5 centimeters. How much bigger than that do they get?


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Hi there! My 2nd daughters' head was 35cm at birth : ) I'm not sure how much bigger they get but 35 was pretty painful. She was 9lb 3oz at birth so she was my big liitle bubba lol (no pain relief AT ALL either I might add)

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PS I'm average size, 5' 6" and 140 lbs, and all the babies in my family are about 7 lbs, so never thought I'd have such a big one! And I only gained about 25 lbs. during pregnancy. Anyway, just saying that it IS possible to get your baby out - almost ALL women have a pelvis big enough for the baby they grow, and they can't actually tell you the size of your baby until he/she is born :) Ultrasound estimates can be off by 2 or more pounds, depending on the technician, etc. Just FYI :)

I based all my decisions directly on my health and the health of my baby, by ultrasound, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. etc. I found through research that the safest route was to let nature take it's course UNLESS there was an actual indication (measurement) that something wasn't right and needed intervention :)

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My son's was 15.5 inches circumference at birth (39.5 cm).

I just checked the growth charts, and he was in the "98 %tile" for head circumference - so only about 2% of babies will have a head bigger than 39.5 cm.

He was 9 lbs. 7 oz, and I had him at home with a midwife, no interventions of any kind, after about 43 weeks gestation - so he was a little "late" :) I NEVER could have pushed him out without lots of moving around and support from my midwife and family. Also, I squatted on the floor to push him out, with my mom and hubby holding me up. 12 hours of labor was actually very peaceful, being at home, and the 1.5 hours of pushing was very intense but totally do-able :) His cord was wrapped around his neck, but this is very common and didn't cause any problems for him.

However, I did tear terribly, and actually had a hemorrhage a couple hours after the birth, so I needed blood transfusions afterward, and couldn't feed him for the first 3 days :( But luckily he was strong and never has had a single health problem :) Now he is 3 1/2 and very tall, and (as all mom's say) a very smart and sweet kid :) He has stayed in the 90%tile + since birth for height, weight and head circumference. Those big babies and kids are heavy to carry around!!!

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My sons head measured 14" which is 35.5 centimeters. His chest was the same. My husband measured exactly the same. so did my brother.

He weighed 9lbs 15oz. slipped out like he was 'coated in butter' as a friend so poetically put it. I tore pretty bad, but that was because he came out so fast, Some times it isn't good for a baby to come out too fast. It doesn't give the skin time to stretch out.

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I dont remember how big my daughters head was but my sons head was 36 cm and he was my second. With my daughter I had 1 stitch and I didnt have any with my son But I also had very quick labours. My daughters was 1hr 40 mins from start till the time I pushed her out and my sons was 2.5 hrs but he was face up and turned over after 2 hrs of labour. I went from 6 to 10 cm dilated in the time it took them to put the neddle in my back so about 10 mins the doctor came in cuz When they were doing I said I had to push so they checked me and my son was crowning I pushed him out in 10 min


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my son was 34cms he was easy. according to the midwives i have the perfect body for baby making. my son was back to back with me. so i got on my side and got my partner to push him back round. well he turned and even though the midwives were expecting him to take 17 hrs or more he was here within 5. my son was the smallest in the hospital but had the biggest head. i hope number 2 (a girl) is just as easy. we've had 1 scare already and dont need another. btw no stitches or drugs with my son

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Shame! I hopoe next time you won't go through a hard time! but well done with the pushing! My son's head was 36cm, he weighed 3.8kg, he was born within 30 minutes of pushing (it took 5 hours to dilate fully), and I didn't have a tear. now the difference is I gave birth in a pool, and I could be in an upright position. at the hospital, you will be made to lay on your back, which keeps your sacrum and coccyx from expanding (you would gain 30% more space if they can move). it's more convenient for the staff, but not necessarily for you. Anyways, your baby's head wasn't bigger than average (that's 35cm if I remember well), and you can trust your pelvis to be big enough :)))))))) All the best with the next birth! xxx

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Thanks for ladies. I'm trying to reassure myself that mamas were made to birth babies. If they think again that its a tight fit, I want to try different positions for pushing. Some open the pelvis better, I've read...

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i never had any problems delivering my babies, they all weighed different at birth 8lb5oz, 8lb13oz and 6lb15oz but all with the same head circumference of 36 cm, so it made no difference to me lol, im due in 8 wks with our 4th baby and expecting the same:) good luck !

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I had the same problem with my son, they told me after 28 hours that his head was never going to fit through my pelvis so I ended up with a c-section and his head was 36.5cm and he was 8lb10oz and he was nearly 3 weeks early lol. I'm pregnant again and kinda scared already lol, but this time it will be a planned c-section, good luck with this one I hope it's a bit smaller for you.

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