How far were before you could hear a heart beat or feel kicking?

Carmen - posted on 12/28/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I went in at 8 weeks and again at 10 weeks and they cant find the babies heart beat. Apparently this is normal and they cant always find the heart beat until later on in Pregnancy, but this worried me. My question for you guys is how far alot were you before you heard your baby's heart beat for the first time? Did the doctor use the stephescope or did the use that mini ultrasound thing but just for sound?

The other part of my question is Im so excited to feel the baby kicking inside me. How far along were you in your pregnancy when you were able to feel kicking or movement for the first time ever? and how did you react when it happened?

Thanks guys im so excited to have my first child any answering this questions will be a HUGE help.


Kassi - posted on 12/29/2010




Its perfectly normal. I heard my first son's heart beat at 13 weeks and felt him move at 20 weeks. Doctors say sometimes the baby just isn't in the right spot to hear the heart beat until 13 weeks. Also with my second pregnancy(I'm 27 weeks) I heard his heart beat at 10 weeks and been feeling him move since 12. With you second pregnancy you seem to notice things sooner. I guess with my first one I felt it before 19 weeks I just didn't realize it was him. It feels a lot like gas at first. Haha. Hope that helps! Good luck and congrats!

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I heard the twins for the first time at 9 weeks during the sonogram. At 14 weeks with the mini ultrasound at the doc office. I have a stetoscope at home and I couldn´t never hear a thing, lol

As far as feeling them, I'm 18 weeks now and most of the time I'm not sure about them moving, wich drives me up a wall since I don't know if they are ok. Yes...I know...control freak here. I'm SO annoying that my bf decided to buy me a dopple so I can hear them all the time, hahaha

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We heard our sons heartbeat at 5wks 4days, at an ultrasound, but not until 12wks for this pregnancy. I believe as long as the baby is still growing then everything is going along ok :-)
As for feeling bubs, with our son I felt him at 13wks, very early, but it was confirmed by the OB & midwife who were looking at the ultrasound screen (turned away from me) and me telling them when, where & what I was feeling and they were watching it on the screen. I didn't feel any external kicks on my hand or see my tummy move until around 28wks.
This pregnancy I felt the baby move at almost 16wks, and at 20wks I had my first external kick & tummy moving :-)

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let's see they say you can hear it by 8 weeks i didn't get to hear hers until 13 weeks. and they say as early as 16 weeks for feeling a baby kick but usually not until 18 weeks and up i felt my baby kicking around 19 weeks. i wasn't sure if it was her or not so i waited until a week later and knew for sure it was her moving around very excited and awesome. once the baby is born it will be something you will miss. i know i do. but that's what the next one is for. lol! congratulations!


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