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April - posted on 10/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am 23 pregnant with my second child. I am engaged and am scared to death to tell my parents. I am almost 11 weeks and I haven't told them yet. I was just wondering when you all told your parents if you weren't married. I am thinking I will probably tell them between Thanksgiving and Christmas, that way I will be between 15 and 20 weeks pregnant. I am just so scred that they will be angry. I live with my fiance so its not like they have to see me everyday so that's why they don't already know. I am starting to show a little so I always wear big clothes when I have to go to their house. Help! I'm scared but I know I have to someday!


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Tasheka - posted on 10/30/2009




Okay I was 16 when I was pregnant with my first and 17 when I lost her...17 when I got pregnant with my son and 18 (newly graduated from high school too) when i had husband and I (boyfriend at the time) were living together and were paying our own bills and everything so its not like they can get too mad right? I found out in October of 05 I was prego with my son and didn't tell anyone till December at the family xmas party it was surprise! and the only reason why we did that was because my older brother busted us out. Anywho i was 19 when I found out about my daughter and 1 wk before my wedding.....(day after thanksgiving is when we found out) and again didn't tell anyone till our family Xmas I mean they will get upset but really do they in all honest have a right? If you are not living in their house (doing you know) and your in your own place, paying your own bills than how mad should they really get? its scary to have to tell them trust me .....i'm 21 and found out i'm prego for the 4th time.....husband can't leave me alone lol its something about even years .....anyways needless to say we haven't told my family (his family found out over facebook lol) and I don't know when we will tell them ....its still early though i'm almost 7 wks. goodluck...i know i am moving to a cave or third world country before telling my family i'm prego again...that or just waiting till the baby comes and saying hey guess what happened. lol yea i kno sounds bad but you have to have humor in life or it makes for a very dull life

Katherine - posted on 10/29/2009




I'm engaged and I am pregnant with my third child. I was scared to tell my parents and my partners parents that I was pregnant again as my youngest is only 7months, but i felt alot better when i did tell them. They weren't upset at all, abit shocked but not upset. Just tell them its less for you to stress about having a baby should be a happy time. good luck

Chelle - posted on 10/29/2009




i was 18 when i had my daughter. i was living with my partner and everything had been going well. i broke the news to my mum and dad when i was 12weeks and i had just had my 1st scan. they were both fine about it really. im pregnant with my second and i will be 19 when this one comes. both my parents know about the second baby and im only 9weeks .im still with the same partner and we still have a house together. we dont plan on geting engaged untill i feel im old enough for such a comitmnt so probably when im 21 or something.

i think they were both happy and supportive about both pregnancies because they know that me and my partner have been together for a long time and we are happy and we have a house etc...

im sure they will be fine with it. if they know you and your other half are happy together and they can see you cope well with the child you already have. good luck with your pregnancy :-D

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