How to beat exhaustion in early pregnancy

Kimberly - posted on 01/09/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I don't know if this is normal or not but I'm 9 weeks pregnant. I am so exhausted all the time and I am supposed to start a new job next week and my classes start the week after. I can barely even go out for longer than 2 hours before I get wiped and need to lay down. I sleep about 12 hours a day. I also feel faint sometimes and out of breath if I walk up stairs or even walk at a fast pace. I am not over weight and I take prenatal vitamins, what else can I do to have enough energy to work and do normal things? Is it normal to feel early pregnancy exhaustion?

Thanks for any advice.


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This is totally normal!!! the 1st trimester is the worst, i really struggled with mine. i however could not get as much sleep as i wanted to cause i already have an almost 4 year old who does not take naps anymore :(. i did however go to bed at night pretty much as soon as he did so that i could possible get as much sleep as i could. Also i found not doing one thing to long helped me feel not so exhausted. For instance i work full time in an office and do ALOT of sitting at the computer and this just about killed me. So when i would start to feel real sleepy or even faint i would go for a walk - like go get the mail or something like that. Also the more water i drank the better i felt - the more i had to pee thou lol, at least if you have to pee it takes away from the sleepy feeling lol. Dont worry once you make it throu your first trimester you will feel better. i am almost 24 weeks and am just about at the point where i can make it through the day alot easier, enjoy the sleep you get now cause when baby comes you wont be lucky enough to get that much lol.

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I am 12 weeks pregnant and I had the same problem. I would be at work and barely be able to stay awake. I couldn't even go up the stairs at work without being totally exhausted by the time I got up them. I would also pass out by 8:00 every night. I felt miserable a lot because I couldn't stay up and I worked all day and I was tired all the time. Unfortunately nothing really worked for me, I wish you could drink caffeine during pregnancy, but it is bad for the baby which sucks. Anyways, your early pregnancy exhaustion should go away. I am feeling a lot better now, I still go to bed earlier but I can make it through the day without wanting to pass out and I can go up the stairs at work and such without much exhaustion anymore. Just wait it out a couple weeks and hopefully when you are getting into your 2nd trimester it will start to go away!


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Elizabeth - posted on 01/09/2010




I'm quite a bit ahead of you, 24 weeks, but I was pretty tired around that amount weeks as well. Things with natural sugars like juice or fruit can help give you some more energy but other than that it something you kinda gotta tough out. I started getting more energy around 13-14 weeks though. However, I can't say as I agree with Lauren about the 2nd trimester. At the beginning of the 2nd trimester there was more energy but as it goes on the exhaustion comes back but in a bit of a different way. As I get bigger things wear me out more than they used to and I get pretty tired at times. Either way though, it's all going to be worth it when you have your precious baby in your arms. I wish you both good luck!

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