how to deal with third trimester and a toddler?

Jessy - posted on 10/07/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




i am 35 weeks pregnant and well just huge and uncomfortable and well miseravble. Back pain dont go away, stomach cramps happen all the time, and it feels like there is 100 pound of pressure on my vagina. The worst part is still my toddler she is a year n a half and well she is my trooper. I cant play like we used to no jumping around n running through the yard for mommy, I want to sleep more than she does i hate waking up (im usually all about me n her making breakfast) . It just seems like everything we used to do mommy cant keep up with any more. im just soo ready to have this baby. i cant sleep and get comfy n hell it just seems like i ant take care of my princess. I hate it b.c i feel selfish because i really am ready to just go into labor and be done with this, my body feels week are any other mothers going through these problems. i mean i knew it wasnt going to b easy having a toddler and doing the pregnancy thing but why does it seem soo hard now like im just incapable or being a bad mommy to one or the other. im just at the last bit of my sanity through this pregnancy.


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Ana - posted on 10/20/2012




I am going through the VERY same things. I am 27 weeks with my second and I have a 28mth old, and she is active and a lot of fun, but mommy is slow and pregnant and sleepy and moody..huff..It will be over soon.

The hard part was potty training..she was easy and eager, but I was so tired, I had to foce myself and set my clock and write down the last time she went just to get her in the hang of it...

Then playing with her and taking her to the park was just too much for a while..I coul not chase her or play like I wanted..

Now shopping is a bit of a chore...I leave her with her dad now because I just don't have the energy to chase her and to stop her and shop right now..

But yes, you are not alone..

It didn't help that my toddler went on a hunger strike... she would only eat things that she wanted, which was the seet stuff, but no fruit or vegies. I would get up and cook her something and me and I would eat and be tired again, she would not eat, play for about 30 mins and say mommie I want snack, I give her something, she barely touches it and says, mommie I want snack, I was getting up so much, I just sarted to cry on some days.. then my hubby helped me. Told me make her what you want her to have, if she doesn't eat it, she can only have milk or fruit, nothing else.. even if he won't eat the milk or fruit, just leave it on her table and when she ask for snack, tell her it's on her table.. This worked. He also made pre-made healthy snack bags for me to give to her so that she got more blessed to have him..

Almost done baking this baby...I'm learning too..

Lauren - posted on 10/09/2012




Don't ever think your being a bad mommy or that your being selfish! Your very pregnant. I understand where your coming from though im only in my first trimester but my toddler becomes very upset more easy then before I think because im so tired and not feeling my best.

Wish I had advice but know your body wants to rest and its not your fault so dont be so down on yourself!! best of luck!!

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