I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins and just diagnosed with TTTS

Chaundra - posted on 11/18/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hello everyone my name is Chaundra, I am 16 weeks pregnant with twin boys, I went to the doctor yesterday for my 16 week appointment or them to diagnose me with severe TTTS becaus eI am 16 weeks. I will be leaving Dublin, CA to go to Cinnicinati, OH to one of the best fetal care center in the US. My husband is in IRAQ and my mom lives with me right now and I have three other children son 8, daughters 6 and 19 months. I am scared an I hae been praying and keeping my faith that my children will be okay. I tried slee[ing and I woke u at 3 this mornign to search the internet, I am anxiously waiting on a call from the people in Cinnicinati to save my kids lives. I am trying my nest to stay calm, but its hard bcause I don't want nothng bad to happen o my gifts from GOD. Al the doctor said was that baby A has more fluid around him than baby B. Baby A has been urinating much more than baby B. At 15 weeks thy appeared to be okay but now I must bind TTTS in the name of Jesus an pray for everything to get better fast for my twins. Please pray for my twins everyone


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Michelle - posted on 11/30/2010




Praying for you and your babies, and for your kids & hubby. I hope you are doing well and have found some peace of mind that your doctors are taking good care of you all.

Best wishes, my dear.

Aicha - posted on 11/24/2010




sorry to hear you have to deal with ttts I would research doctors if I were you to make sure you have the very best possible care for you and your babies

Kaitlynrose - posted on 11/24/2010




hi i am also 16 weeks and pregnant with twins... i will be praying for you and your babies.

Casey - posted on 11/18/2010




Try to think positive thoughts, good luck with everything and I will pray for you and your babies.

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