I am 6 weeks pregnant and I have two cavities

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I am 6 weeks prenant and with my 2 child..and when I was pregnant with my 1st I never had any problems with my teeth..but now that I pregnant with my 2 child I have got two cavities and my dentist said that I should wait till my second trimester to do any fillings...Has anyone got 2 cavities filled while the were pregnant.....I was not too worried getting one done..but now that I have to get two done I am concerend about it...they are on each side where I had got my wisdom teeth removed in 2007.

I am stressed over it.


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Hi, I had to have a root canal during this pregnancy, and yes they had to take x-rays to do it. I was so against it, but they said it is far too risky to not get it fix b/c of possible infections, etc. The 2nd trimester is the best time to have dental work done. It's before you start getting really uncomfortable and it's after fetal organ development. Here is a great link that will put you at ease. Good Luck!



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i had to get one tooth pulled and one filled i am 28 weeks pregnant they took one xray they covered my belly with 3 lead vests just to make sure, i was put on antibiotics for a week then went in got it pulled and fixed, and well it was a relief before that i wasnt sleepin cause of the pain and could barely eat, my dentist asked me to talk to my ob/gyn to see if he had any problems with it, my ob/gyn didnt have a problem with it and the dentist was great concerned made sure after all was done he sat to make sure all was well with me and told me if i had any problems call him at home now all is well its been 2 weeks since i had it pulled, and all is well with me and baby

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Having your teeth checked is important. Infections can cause problems during pregnancy. If your dentist tells you to wait I would listen to him or ask your OB. I've had teeth done and antibiotics when I was pregnant. Its better to have it taken care of.

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When I was pregnant with my first and second child I needed to get dental work done, the first because of a bad root canal/crown, the second cavities. Like the other posters stated, the best time is during the second trimester. Just talk to your dentist or doctor about the concerns you may have, and they'll probably help you to make a good decision. They also have your health as well as the babies in mind :).

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hi, I also in my second pregnancy developed cavities, my dentist said the same, to wait til second tri, he only wanted to do anything if I had unbearble pain from them, so I waited and had them filled then. My mw advised it was beause during early preg the baby is subseptable to any drugs or medication that is taken or used and the body is all over the place. I hope I have helped in some way.

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