I am going to be 23 weeks tomorrow and i have clear liquid leaking is this normal?

Mishalyn - posted on 04/15/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I will be 23 weeks and i have been having some clear liquid leaking pretty much consitantly, is this normal or should i see my doc?


Denise - posted on 04/16/2010




Hahah sometimes it is.....its just pee! I did that with my first pregnancy. Freaked out twice and went to see my OB and found out she was just making me pee a little and I was drinking a lot of water so it didn't have any smell or color really so I freaked out for nothing lol. Did the same thing quite a few times this time around except i didn't freak out! I knew it was just a little pee! But if your worried just go have your OB check it out...better safe then sorry! Good luck

Stacy - posted on 04/15/2010




oh and i also didnt mention it could just be a increase in your vaginal fluids that is very normal to


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Chelsea Cleo - posted on 04/16/2010




I had the same thing, i would use a panty liner to help. If the liquid turns greenish, yellowish, has a smell or you are experiencing pain with it then talk to your doctor or midwife. Other than that its usually fine :)

Jamie - posted on 04/15/2010




If it's amniotic fluid it would be very watery, not thick or viscous like vaginal fluid. It's most likely an increase in vaginal fluids... I haven't heard of people leaking amniotic fluid outside labor. If you're worried you can always call your Dr.'s office and describe the fluid to them and see what they say. If not, you can just mention it at your next appointment and see what the Dr. says.

Stacy - posted on 04/15/2010




you should probaly ask your doctor, your membranes could have a lil tear, or ruptured and leaking slowly but highly doubt it, when that happens labor should start within 24hrs more in likely cuz when your membranes break they release the hormones for your contractions, if it is they could put you on bed rest since its just leaking and it would stop probaly, but i wouldnt be concerned cuz it probaly is just the pressure on your bladder makeing urine leak, that happens alot (very normal) expecially if you are a smaller person or a big baby or just how the baby is positioned

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