I am now 21weeks pregnant, and i ve tried to find out when exactly i got pregnant yet its been hard to know..can i get some tips pls...thx


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Rosa - posted on 06/06/2014




I tracked my periods and days i had sex so i knew. If u google conception calculator it will give u an approximate according to your EDD. Also 21 wks (in 2 days) congrats!

Sarah - posted on 06/04/2014




You will never know when you exactly became pregnant. It is impossible to find out. You can get a guess on when, but that is the best you will get. Sperm can live up to 4 days, so you can actually become pregnant up to 4 days after you had sex. A woman can ovulate at different times of the month, so doctors take the most common (which is ovulating in the middle of your cycle), but some women will ovulate during their period where others may ovulate right after their period. Ovulation can be different each month also. An ultrasound is used to measure baby and look at the growth of the baby and can give you an estimate on how far along you are, but as for the exact day you became pregnant you will never know when that is.

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