I am pregnant with baby number 2... 18 years later....


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Anna - posted on 05/21/2013




im 30 with a 3yr old and pregnant with my 2nd who is due 2 days befor my baby sisters 1st birthday. my relationship with my baby sister is sure to be different then between my other siblings, but she is still my sister. dont worry about the age gap...

Mia - posted on 05/19/2013




I just had my 5th child, at the age of 45. She is a month old and I will say the pregnancy was hard, it was very difficult actually carrying her. However, she is normal and healthy.
I had my first four w my first marriage, and baby Sienna was born, and a few days later, my youngest of the four turned 20 years old, the oldest ios 25.
So I am wondering what you are nervous about? It is possible, just keep taking care of yourself and see a perinatal specialist also.
Good luck to you.

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