I don't feel comfortable with my new OBGYN?! =[ Help!

Fatima - posted on 08/05/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi! I'm having sort of a dilemma.
I'm 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my first baby (25 years old) and I got a new OBGYN at a private clinic about a month ago because I got a new health insurance plan. The problem is that I'm Muslim and the whole clinic is full of Jews.. I honestly did not care about that, though. For my first appointment I really liked it because the whole staff was nice, but I didn't meet my new doctor because she was away and saw the physician's assistant instead, who was really nice. But then this recent Israeli/Gaza conflict started and now I feel really uncomfortable there. It was very weird meeting my doctor for the first time last week because I felt like there was a huge elephant in the room. My husband, who is a white redhead with Jewish ancestry and a Jewish last name, couldn't come with me to my appointment because of work or else I would have felt comfortable with him being there. I haven't changed maiden name yet to my husband's so my last name is still an obvious Muslim name. When I went in with the doctor last week, she was nice, I suppose, but it was very uncomfortable.. kind of like "Hi, you're Jewish, I'm Muslim, we're supposed to hate eachother but here we are..." =[ I don't have a problem with Jews at all, or else I would have changed clinics after going there the first time and my husband has Jewish ancestry!
Also, when I saw my doctor last week, she asked "why did you choose this place? did someone refer you?" and also asked me what my ethnicity was and when I said Pakistani, she said that I must have grew up here because I don't sound like I'm Pakistani. Idk, I just felt weird. I have my appointment with her tomorrow again (second time meeting her) and I feel very uncomfortable. I would really like my husband to come with me but he can't because of work. Maybe I'm being paranoid? Help!

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