I don't feel pregnant?!?!

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I'm about 10 weeks pregnant taken 4 pregnacy test, been to the dr, but I don't feel pregnant this time. This is baby #3 and nothing I feel like I'm just tired. I have a ultrasound set for June 19th. My body doesnt seem to be going through any of the changes it went through the other 2 times. Am I crazy or what has anyone else felt like this? I feel bad that I don't feel it. With my girls I felt pregnant right away .


Lauren - posted on 05/25/2010




I didn't feel pregnant until over 20 weeks when I started to feel kicking. No morning sickness just a little fatigue. I was so nervous until I could start to feel him kick, but he is perfectly fine. I think every pregnancy is different and to be honest it was more stressful, but I hope all my pregnancies are symptom free!

Sarah - posted on 05/24/2010




i would say every pregnacy is different and your body reacts differently too...one theory could mean your having a boy hehe just a thought....im pregnant with my first and my signs at the beginning was being late over a week and my nipples were very tender and i was extremely TIRED!!!! but didnt tink i was pregnant as not planned and was on birth control so didnt see how i could be...but afta i went to dr i stil didnt feel pregz wasnt til i heard bubz heartbeat and saw bub on the scan that i clicked bt also when bub started kicking was really when it all FINALLY sunk in and now i can't wait to meet my bub and see if its a boy or girl hehe

Chrissy - posted on 05/24/2010




Im 9 weeks with my 3rd and feel the same. I feel a little sick sometimes and tired but think most of mine is I havent been to the doctor yet. I have an appt on Wed so hopefully will get to hear the heartbeat to make it "real" for me, haha!

Michelle - posted on 05/27/2010




When I was pregnant last summer with the baby we lost I was ill like crazy with morning sickness from very , very early on .
This pregnancy [found out 3 months to the day of my miscarriage I was preg again] I was actually worried when I had nothing , not a sign other than missed cycle and a couple very positive pregnancy tests. I didn't feel pregnant . No morning sickness , nothing .
Then as a welcome to the second trimester gift ..... I have been throwing up non-stop since . Weeks before hitting my 3rd trimester it picked up worse , I thought it couldn't get any worse .
Some times after your body has been there done that , the symptoms are much less. Some times much more . Every time can be different .
Good luck !

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Chrissy you nailed it! I went to the dr last week and he didn't listen to the heartbeat! That has to be it! I guess I just can't believe it till I hear it! UGH wonder if I could go and listen to it before my next appt!

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Ally_fritzal - posted on 01/25/2012




i will be 12 weeks tommrow and dont feel pregnant i have done the ultrasound and have a picture of my little one also i have heard the heart beat this is baby #2 for me. you would think being i have gone through a pregnancy already you would be more aware of what to feel for. i have had the more morning sickness which has gone away alot thank goodness lol the salty and sweet cravings but i still do not feel pregnant UGH its really annoying im ready to have my baby bump. the not feeling pregnant makes want to go to the ER just to make sure everything is ok. i have had a miscarriage at 2 months so this not feeling pregnant really worries me :0(

PETA - posted on 05/27/2010




I went through the same thing, with this one.

I am 21weeks now.

I did 12 tests( every day for 12 days)

Just starting to feel pregnate now.

The only thing that made me feel pregnate is the morning sickness, but that didn't start until 11- 12 weeks( but this is any time of the day, still happening)

Maybe you are having a boy, they say different sex, different symptoms.

Good luck

Elimar - posted on 05/24/2010





I completely understand what you are going through... But keep this in mind. you are 10 weeks, and this is baby # 3, I felt the same way, I went to my regular check up with my OBGYN, I even gone through the ultrasound, and I still felt that I was not pregnant. I am finally on my 20th week and I feel my child pitter, patter my belly, and I'm pretty sure when that happens your worries will end. And what Ashley says is true... All pregnancies are different. I also depends on the personality of your child as well. Take a deep breath, everything will be okay.

Ashley - posted on 05/24/2010




I had 0 symptoms with my first... and was actually shocked by the pregnancy... This is #2 for me and I had everything! so I guess they are all different.

Lisa - posted on 05/24/2010




don't worry about it at all I'm 8 months and really not showing or feeling pregnant at all.If she didn't move I would feel normal. dr says count your blessing and also the baby is relaxed and calm:)

Jane - posted on 05/24/2010




i didn't feel pregnant w/#2. this is why i hate the early stages of pregnancy, you don't really look pregnant or feel pregnant.

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