I had a WARNING!

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That the Toxoplasmosis is very much to worry about. Well, my husband knows of this and I am not sure how frequent the numbers of such miscarrages now a days. Our cat is indoor and outdoors. But what gets me the most is that he sleeps in our bed. My husband don't care and don't mind with the knowlegde of what could happen. So I think I am just worried and not sure if it's my hormones kickin' in to be so upset that he don't care for our baby anymore than his cat.


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well, My toxo came back negative. If you had a blood test already and they didn't check for toxo, you can ask your doctor for the test. Is done with regular blood and will tell you if positive, if you have antibodies for the toxo already.
Since mine are negative (wich sucks since I have 2 cats), I ask my doc and my vet. You can do the toxo test on the cats if you want to just to make sure but this are ground rules to avoid it...
1.- Stay away from the litter box. If you MUST change it, use gloves and do it DAILY.
2.- Stay away from uncook veggies and fruit that you didn't washed yourself. Meaning, be careful with salads outside your home.
3.- Stay away from uncooked meet, meaning no sushi, no raw, pink, meet.
That is what MY doctor told me (and vet) about it.

How far along are you?


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Stephanie - posted on 01/13/2011




its the chemicals in the urine, thats why drs say to have someone else clean the litter box. Otherwise the cat isnt the problem. I had a cat with my first pregnancy and my husband and roommate cleaned the litter box. i did nothing with it! but loved that cat! so dont worry about the cat, its just its urine and feces!

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It is something to be concerned about but its more involed if you are changing the litter box so i wouldnt be concerned about the cat sleeping with you. Just watch out for those claws too. Since its an indoor/outdoor cat the risks are higher. On another note like someone else said you can get tested for the antibodies and you may not even knowing it but if you grew up with indoor/outdoor cats or have been around this one for a while before you got pregnant then there is a high chance you have already gotton it and have the antibodies. I have had cats my whole life including when i was pregnant i just stayed clear of the litterbox and anything that would cause the cat to get angry. The claws are just as dangerous because of the content with the litterbox. Also if you are still concerned i suggest washing your hands anytime you are gonna eat. I wouldnt be to worried about washing your hands after petting the cat because you have to ingest the parasite to get it so as long as you wash your hands before putting them to your mouth in anyway you should be fine.

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Just because your daughter had no issues doesn't mean all won't. It CAN cause a miscarriage if the parasite crosses through the placenta, it can also cause other complications. Nothing I would EVER want to risk.

Danielle - posted on 12/23/2010




You have to injest the parasite that is living on the fecal matter. So wash your hands after petting kitty and avoid the litter box. Never hurts to ask a Doctor, I am sure they are more familiar with this.

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I thought that had mostly to do with the litter box. Not a cat itself. Just the fecal matter and pee. So...don't garden and have him do the litter box since it's his cat anyway. Wash hands before eating and after petting kitty. My sister had three cats - all who slept with her. She never miscarried. Really, as long as you keep litter and your hands clean, shouldn't be too much to worry about. Even the site you posted said it really wasn't that big of a deal. ??

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