I have morning sickness so bad i am losing weight, should i be concerned about this?

Stephanie - posted on 03/16/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am six weeks pregnant and i am so sick i am only eating maybe one meal a day. i have lost seven pounds and am getting kind of concerned. i also work full time and have a three year old to take care of which makes this all the more difficult to deal with. do i just suck it up, oris there anything that can help control the nausea?


Emily - posted on 03/16/2009




I had mild hypermesis with my first pregnancy, so I know how you're feeling, and it sucks. Here are the best tips that helped me out with all day sickness.
Eat more. If you get even a little bit hungry, your nasuea will be worse. I know nothing looks appetizing, but try and force yourself to eat more often with foods that are high in carbs. Like trail mix, granola bars, and things like that. I promise that will make you feel better. Try and eat a small meal every 2-3 hours. You'll notice a difference right away.
SEA BANDS. These are LIFE savers. You can buy them off amazon, from CVS, or from walmart. They are little gray sweatbands that you wear around your wrist, with a plastic dot on the inside that hits a pressure point on your wrist to help curb nasuea. They really help!!
Sour candy. If you're feeling like you might puke, pop in a lemon candy, like a jolly rancher or lemon head. Sour candy instantly will make you feel better.
And last but not least, dont eat anything that you really dont want to see come back up. From my experience that includes popcorn, salad, and pasta haha.
Oh and try and stay hydrated too. Because with all the throwing up, you are losing a lot of liquids.


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Alvina - posted on 11/18/2016




No to morning sickness tea was the only lifesaver that alleviated my permanent nausea and was unable to keep anything down my stomach.

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Hi, I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I've just started gaining weight. I've lost about 10 since I found out I was pregnant, and I've only gain two pounds back this past month. I was so sick in my 8th week that I was hospitalized for dehydration, and I still haven't gotten my appetite back. Losing weight isn't a real concern until you're about 4 or 5 months. By then you should be gaining weight. I eat as many protein bars and shakes as I can handle, and I've also insisted that my husband take over as much as he can while I'm in this state. If this nausea is really affecting you, your doctor can put you on anti-nausea medication. There are some that are safer than others like the zofran, and you can take it as needed. Good Luck!

Stephanie - posted on 03/16/2009




thanks ladies, i will try ALL of these things!!  anything to make that horrible feeling go away!!

Melissa - posted on 03/16/2009




hey there. well i am the same way! i lost 35 pounds with my first baby, gained almost 10 with my second and have lost 10 so far with my third! this pregnancy they have put me on zophran (not sure that is spelled right!) during the day and fenergan (spelling again?) at night. this has helped so much! i still feel nauseous  but i dont throw up as much. i also work and have two little ones 2 and 4 to keep me busy. i know it is super hard and hopefully it will pass soon! if you want to try some natural remedies first you can try ginger either candied or in pill form. you can get it at and health food store. i dont like ginger so this did not help me. ask you doctor or mid wife about vitamin b that can help too. i also found that peppermint oil worked pretty good. smells really bother me so i put a few drops on my hands and when i smell something funky i just smell my hands. sounds crazy but i helps. all in all i dont think you should be too worried! this is normal not fun but normal! good luck! let me know how you are doing!!

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