I'm expecting a baby boy in may , and ive noticed i really havent been lactating much at all , and this has me worried because i would much rather breast feed then use formula; is this normal because i have tried drinking tons of milk and having beef broth using the marrow and there is still no change; is there anything i can do to increase lactation?


Cortney - posted on 04/06/2013




same here! im due in may and it only comes out when i squeeze it. with my first daughter it was dripping out by 7 months. but i guess every pregnancy is different.

Cheryl - posted on 04/06/2013




Your breast milk doesnt come in until after your baby is born, even then may be a day or two. You get colostrum first (very good for baby) and then breast milk next. Very good your eager to breastfeed. Best thing for your baby! Good Luck, Dear!

Mercedes - posted on 04/06/2013




Hey there! I am also expecting a baby boy in May! This will be my second boy though :) Do not worry at all about lactation at this point. Many moms don't leak at all through the entirety of their breastfeeding years, much less before they have the baby. For the first little while after your baby is here, they get colostrum instead of breast milk. Here is some info on just how beneficial colostrum is:


Also, don't be worried if your actual milk doesn't come in for a few days after the baby is here! And if you plan on pumping at all, do not stress about how many ounces you pump as that can be misleading to what the baby actually needs. All you need to worry about for the entirety of your baby's nursing years (or at least until one) is how many wet diapers they get a day. Weight gain varies differently for different babies, so sometimes that isn't the best way to judge how much milk you are producing.
If your baby makes enough dirty diapers in a day, then they are being well fed! :)


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Chandra - posted on 04/07/2013




Thankyou so much your insight is so helpful and makes me worry less , I was just so unsure cause allot of my girlfriends were making me feel like im going to have to rely on formula cause im not lactating , but you helped reasure me i appreciate it : )

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